It is never too late to start Winning at Swimming!


At the 2011 Australian Masters Swimming Nationals in March in Perth, Western Australia my gal pal, Julie Bradley, competed in her first competition… after only getting proper swimming lessons two years ago.

I remember helping Julie at the pool a couple of years back… as girlfriends do. And I am so proud that Julie remembers the no.1 key to swimming efficiently: ““It is really important to get it right at the start because when I mastered the breathing techniques, I was eventually able to swim up to 2km without stopping.” [read the entire article…]

When planning and preparing for your fitness goal or your upcoming Ironman Triathlon or Open Water/Marathon Swim… it is vital to answer these two questions: 

Aussie Coach, Graeme “Grub” Carroll (now Head Coach, Australian Institute of Sport Paralympic Swim Team

1. Are you going solo … training alone?

2. Are you being coached?

It is vital for the successful achievement of your goal, no matter how big or small… to hang’ with like-minded people.  Julie soon realised the best way to stay motivated and focused on her fitness goal was joining the Claremont Masters Swimming Club and being coached [read more…]

I would never kid myself! My swimming skillset is all due to the dedicated coaches from learning to blow my first bubbles by coaches Kaye & Ray Pitcher to my final race ’round Manhattan on July 14th, 1998, with Graeme ‘Grub” Carroll.

In June I travelled to New York City to present at the 2011 Global Open Water Swimming Conference at Columbia University and the 2011 International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Induction Awards at the United Nations. Both events coincided with the Annual Manhattan Island 28 1/2 mile (48km) Marathon Swim… which was my first marathon swim… way back in 1984!

Shelley accepting the 2011 IMSHOF induction on behalf of Rottnest Channel Swimming Association, Western Australia

It was wonderful to return to NYC where I was discovered and my marathon swimming career began. I was fortunate to catch up with two very special women in the sport of Open Water Swimming who have made a major impact on the sport both as athletes and as coaches. The trend setting, Legendary, American, Dr Penny Lee Dean, English Channel World Record Holder (for both men & women), 7hrs 40mins, set in 1978 and stood for 16yrs.; and New York City iconic, Dr Jane Katz, Masters Swimming World Record Holder and IMSHOF 2011 Certificate of Merit winner for her coaching contribution.

Watch below and hear from both Dr Penny Lee Dean and Dr Jane Katz as they share the importance of being coached and their love for all things Open Water!

Dr Penny Lee Dean with Shelley Taylor-Smith at the start of the Annual Manhattan Island Swim, Saturday June 18th 2011

Dr Jane Katz with Shelley Taylor-Smith at the IMSHOF Awards, United Nations, Sunday June 19th, 2011


Until next time…. Remember:…if you don’t quit, you will make it!

Cheers Head Coach, Shelley

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