The Power Of The Plank

A weak core can affect swimmers in all strokes. It shows in freestyle with improper hip movement. Many swimmers are looking for challenging, applicable core exercises. The Plank T forces frontal plane stability, while maintaining a straight spine. This exercise may help those who wiggle during freestyle.     . … [Read more...]

Tips for Open Water Swims

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How To Boost Self-esteem

It would be good to have a goal but a vision of an end result is so much better. The end result is not just a destination, but it is the person you want to become once you have reached a goal. It is a step by step process and here is how to achieve it. A Step By Step Approach To Boost Self Esteem The first thing to do when one wants to boost self- confidence is to determine one’s goals and aspirations in life. This has to be specific enough and must be categorized into degree of achievement. … [Read more...]

How to get your butt into gear and your momentum started

Well it is October 1st here dowunder and as the sun is rising earlier and earlier that means Summer is just around the corner and... The triathlon and open water swim season is soon upon us. Heading into my 3rd year as Head Coach I am really excited for the 50 swimmers who will be joining me for the 16-week Kirbyswim Rottnest Channel 20km Marathon Solo Squad 2012 starting November 3rd 2011. One question I get asked most often is: "Shelley how do you not get bored swimming up and … [Read more...]

Go easy on yourself! Failure only means…

You are one step closer to success! The Solution to Failure is... to expect it. I am writing to you from Dover Harbour in the UK, as I prepare to guide West Australian, Paul Downie on his English Channel solo crossing (for Breast Cancer Care WA). This past week I have been privileged to witness amazing feats in the English Channel. Earlier today 70yrd old retired breast surgeon, Roger Allsopp of Guernsey, UK achieved his English Channel goal (again) and created a Guiness Book World … [Read more...]

Can Open Water Swimming Be Dangerous?

Answer: In the same way that a bee sting, crossing the street, and juggling with fire can be.  The more experience you have, the better you can deal with the variations. The death of an athlete in the Louisville, Kentucky Ironman last weekend has focused attention on the dangers of the open-water portion of such events. The forty-six year old male athlete from New York  experienced cardiac arrest and was pulled from the river just after he started the swimming portion. [read … [Read more...]

It is never too late to start Winning at Swimming!

  At the 2011 Australian Masters Swimming Nationals in March in Perth, Western Australia my gal pal, Julie Bradley, competed in her first competition... after only getting proper swimming lessons two years ago. I remember helping Julie at the pool a couple of years back... as girlfriends do. And I am so proud that Julie remembers the no.1 key to swimming efficiently: "“It is really important to get it right at the start because when I mastered the breathing techniques, I was … [Read more...]

What are you focused on today?

Good morning USA ... Good evening Australia... What are you focused on today to live your life ON purpose? (Noise - hammering - banging - loud machinery in background) Hi everybody I'm here at Ground Zero at the New York Trade Centre - staying at the club quarters at the world trade center, amongst all the rebuilding work going on. It's a bit noisy but very moving - see the view from my bedroom window. Ask yourself - could you be living your life's purpose a bit more - could you reach … [Read more...]