Reboot Your New Year Resolutions…

Can you believe it is February already...  and we've all had a month of opportunity to give our New Year’s resolutions a good red hot go. New changes and new habits have been made and you are all feeling good about the “new you”. Wait. What? Oh you haven’t quite achieved what you set out to do. You are not quite the “new you” you had imagined. Hello... you’ve had a whole month, what have you been doing the past 31 days? In all seriousness, I know this can be disappointing. You … [Read more...]

Open Water Swimming – 80/20 Rule Rules

"To be successful in swimming, body strength is about 20 percent while mental strength is about 80 percent," Geoff Huegill said. Now that takes a Champion Mindset! Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist 4 x200m freestyle relay; Bill Kirby agreed saying that what swimmers learn can be applied to the business world in real life. "You cannot learn this from the classroom. You learn about teamwork, leadership and other things they do not teach in university," he said. "What you learn in sports … [Read more...]