Open Water Tuesday

Happy New Year!!! Open Water Tuesday IS ON 10th January 2017 at Coogee Beach 😀 

Where Open Water Swimming becomes your friend… Leave your struggles and your competition behind you… Helping you to bubble, bubble, breathe with confidence!!!

“Working together as a team to complete something can be much more effective, inspiring, and fun than going at it alone.” Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith

Open Water Tuesday IS Fun!!! !coogee-beach-nets

DATES: Phase 1 -> Tues 10/1/17 to 18/4/17 inclusive.
VENUE: Coogee Beach Netted area. Carpark north of Coogee Beach Cafe, turn in off Powell Road, Coogee.
TIME: 6am start & 7am finish.

INFO: We meet on the beach 100m north of the Coogee Jetty at 5.55am for our prompt start. With wetsuits at your waist, we head out for a very brief warm-up jog, then hit the water for a warm-up swim, followed by designed circuit swims. **Walk down to the meeting area on the beach either directly from the cafe or the 1st walkway north of the cafe.

Even though triathlon is an “individual sport”, training with a group provides that extra push most of us need to improve our performances. It establishes accountability, camaraderie, inspiration, support and the uplifting that happens when one is part of a team…. and that is what you w

Accomplish Your Goals in Less Time along with Fellow Triathletes and…
Conquer Freestyle Swimming for Triathlon Together!

NB: One off walk-ins on the day are always welcome… at $20 cash per person.

Any further enquiries email or call Head Coach Shelley directly on 0414 594 245 so you don’t miss out!

PS: Just imagine overcoming your technique AND mental barriers to faster times AND more enjoyment!

From panic to calm & relaxed state… I now enjoy OWS so much!!!
“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the open water clinic on Saturday. I found it informative and very valuable. I used to panic in the water and really didn’t enjoy my swim during my triathlons. Now however just having the knowledge and knowing what to do if I got in an uncomfortable position made it very calming and allowed me to relax when swimming. Having the opportunity to practise was awesome. I enjoyed it so much that today I went for an early morning ocean swim with my husband and already a few of the other girls from my tri club who also attended have made times to train in the ocean. Thanks again and can’t wait for your tri training sessions.” Marie Wyche, Perth, Western Australia

From last (literally) to 3rd in my age category and 5th overall!!!
Shelley, with your help, it has created a new confidence in the water for me. I have since swum in the pool continuously for 1500m in 45min. That might not sound like much to a champ for me but that was huge, since last year I struggled to get to the end of the 50m. I n the Australia Day triathlon in the Swan River, our “friends” (the jellyfish) were present but were so fun that I ended up getting 3rd in my age category for the swim (5th overall). I’m normally the last out of the swim (literally). I am super happy and have the half ironman in Busselton and would not have entered otherwise. Words really can’t express my gratitude to you.Thank you.” Maren Kate Scriven, Perth, Western Australia.