How Failure Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

I’ve always been of the belief that you can turn your biggest failures into your biggest feats! Who else thinks like me? What biggest flop have you turned around? One of the strangest learnings of my 55 years has been since my dear Mum (and friend Fran Crippen) passed away on 23rd October 2010. More so the past eight months I have grappled questioning my purpose and self-worth. Questioning the meaning of all of “this”? I fought the good fight (“funny that”, I hear you saying, for those … [Read more...]

Reboot Your New Year Resolutions…

Can you believe it is February already...  and we've all had a month of opportunity to give our New Year’s resolutions a good red hot go. New changes and new habits have been made and you are all feeling good about the “new you”. Wait. What? Oh you haven’t quite achieved what you set out to do. You are not quite the “new you” you had imagined. Hello... you’ve had a whole month, what have you been doing the past 31 days? In all seriousness, I know this can be disappointing. You … [Read more...]

Inspirational and Motivational Sports Quotes

A short video with some inspirational and motivational messages to help with your champion mindset and improve your performance. Enjoy!! Sports Quotes, Inspirational and MotivationalContinue reading.... … [Read more...]

How To Think Like A Winner

An article was recently posted in the Washington Post which shares some great tips for mental performance. How to think like a winner - Washington Post Whether you are an Olympian or a weekend warrior, the mental side of performance boils down to confidence, composure and focus, according to Chris Carr, an Indianapolis sports psychologist who has worked with many Olympians and professional athletes over the past two decades. A few of his strategies for performing your best: Continue … [Read more...]

Conquering Your Everest – How to Win the Mind Games Part II

Okee Dokee It is less than 48 hours until the starters gun goes off!!! Here are a few Champion Mindset Mental training techniques- simple to use and easy to implement - to help you prepare for the big day. I developed my own visualisation routine  that helped me achieve 7 years ranked World No.1 Marathon Swimming Champion & still to this day .... the only woman to achieve a World Ranked No.1 for both men & women; when in 1991 I was crowned "World No.1 Ranked Marathon Swimming … [Read more...]

Conquering Your Everest – How to Win the Mind Games – Part I

This blog is dedicated to all the 1/2 Ironman Busso competitors on 11th May 2013 The starter’s gun is about to go off, and before you know it you’ll be taking off in pursuit of a personal record. It’s only natural to be nervous, but if you’re a nervous wreck at the starting line you’re hardly in a position to compete at your best. What goes on beneath those swim caps is crucial to perceived success and enjoyment of your next competition. The motto, "if you think you can, or think you can't, … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget The Important Stuff

  Please Note: I'm writing to you from Wellington, New Zealand... where I'm assisting as support / handler for two American swimmers, Darren Miller and Craig Lenning in their Cook Strait crossing... and it has been reported the swim will happen sometime this week ... of course depending on Mother Nature! March 18th 2013 here. You have two and 1/2 months of 2013 under your belt. Where are you? How do you feel? Things going the way you thought, planned or dare I say.... … [Read more...]

A Success Mindset Tip

What you need to say to yourself every now and then. What you need to tell to people close to your heart. Share this with enthusiasm as you believe, things can happen. … [Read more...]

Steps To Success Mindset Creation

In order to achieve success, one must visualize success and when you visualize it, the steps on how to achieve it will show up one by one, like magic. And that magic is happening now. This is a great way to get ahead for visualizing and creating a path to success.   The Creative Process Of A Success Mindset Leading well involves leading yourself first. This seems an exercise in obviousness, though the simplest concepts can often be the most powerful. Leading yourself first … [Read more...]

Mother of All Comebacks!

Today I got asked how's my swimming going and what it feels like to back in training. It is just fun to be back in the pool and training with my buddies that I grew up with and shared in Western Australian State teams in the '70s!  It makes me feel young. Swimming is a sport you can do at all ages. It never has left me or my soul. I know, for me, it’s part of who I am, being in the water... and when I'm away from it too long... it's like the air has been taken out of my lungs! Swimming makes … [Read more...]