Staying on course and current

This coming weekend is the inaugural half ironman in Mandurah, Western Australia. The event in Mandurah is set in a gorgeous area in my home state which will quickly become a favourite. The race begins with an open water swim in the Mandurah canals that I swam in in my childhood. There is no better way to enjoy Mandurah than swim/race in it. While its depth s rarely exceed 3 metres and its surface is usually as calm as a lap pool, its placidity may lure unprepared triathletes, like many … [Read more...]

2012: A Sensational Year To Overcome Your Fears and Open Yourself Up to New Horizons!

I’m planning on making 2012 a sensational year. How 'bout you? In less than four hours (dowunder), it will be a whole new year, where lots of people will be celebrating. Inspired by the Champions of 2011! Diana Nyad, Penny Palfrey, SAS soliders in Afghanistan, Peter Hughes, Steven Munatones of Janine Shepherd, Tim Cleland, Brad Hogg, Ky Hurst, Melissa Gorman & Paul Downie… I wrote today’s blog But before you say farewell to 2011... I want you to complete this … [Read more...]

Want to overcome your fear of the Open Water in 2012?

                Hello Open Water Swimming Dreamers & Achievers –in-waiting! Have a fear of Open Water? Panic stricken the night before a Triathlon? Shaking in your wetsuit at the starting line? Frustrated that you can’t remain matter how hard you try? Overcome with anxiety ... and you don’t know why? Improving your OWS skill set in 2012 is one of your goals? Well fear no more... Santa Shelley is here … [Read more...]

How to get your butt into gear and your momentum started

Well it is October 1st here dowunder and as the sun is rising earlier and earlier that means Summer is just around the corner and... The triathlon and open water swim season is soon upon us. Heading into my 3rd year as Head Coach I am really excited for the 50 swimmers who will be joining me for the 16-week Kirbyswim Rottnest Channel 20km Marathon Solo Squad 2012 starting November 3rd 2011. One question I get asked most often is: "Shelley how do you not get bored swimming up and … [Read more...]

Can Open Water Swimming Be Dangerous?

Answer: In the same way that a bee sting, crossing the street, and juggling with fire can be.  The more experience you have, the better you can deal with the variations. The death of an athlete in the Louisville, Kentucky Ironman last weekend has focused attention on the dangers of the open-water portion of such events. The forty-six year old male athlete from New York  experienced cardiac arrest and was pulled from the river just after he started the swimming portion. [read … [Read more...]

The two P’s to Achieve Your OWS Goal and The Elusive English Channel!

  News Flash!!!!!!!! ....has just been delivered that Ceinwen Williams, the 3rd of the West Australian team has successfully achieved her solo English Channel goal. And this is no easy feat! Quick fact: Did you know, more people have climbed Everest than swum the English Channel? It's that tough! Water temperatures of 16 degrees Celcius may sound tough enough to endure for 13hrs... but that is just the beginning ... and for most who attempt the … [Read more...]

It is never too late to start Winning at Swimming!

  At the 2011 Australian Masters Swimming Nationals in March in Perth, Western Australia my gal pal, Julie Bradley, competed in her first competition... after only getting proper swimming lessons two years ago. I remember helping Julie at the pool a couple of years back... as girlfriends do. And I am so proud that Julie remembers the no.1 key to swimming efficiently: "“It is really important to get it right at the start because when I mastered the breathing techniques, I was … [Read more...]