How Failure Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

I’ve always been of the belief that you can turn your biggest failures into your biggest feats!

Who else thinks like me? What biggest flop have you turned around?

One of the strangest learnings of my 55 years has been since my dear Mum (and friend Fran Crippen) passed away on 23rd October 2010. More so the past eight months I have grappled questioning my purpose and self-worth.

Questioning the meaning of all of “this”? I fought the good fight (“funny that”, I hear you saying, for those who know me very well) and finally surrendered, asking my Inner Champion (God, Universe) “what is it I most need to learn that will help me get what I now most want?”

So as this chapter draws to a close, the personal learning gained has become my teacher. Who else gets this? The weirdest success formula – and simplest- is that we teach best what we most need to learn!

I’ve been able to help individuals climb their toughest summit, conquering the Everest of all Everest’s – “self- belief”, to overcome fear of failure, fear of swimming in the ocean, fear of open water swimming, fear of pack swimming… with 100% success.

On reflection, Team STS members now in excess of 300+ have achieved their personal goals of the English Channel, Rottnest Channel, Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island, Ironman and ½ Ironman, not from my 7 consecutive years ranked World No.1 Women’s Marathon Swimming Champion but rather from learnings shared as I’ve coached.

I’m no guru. I’m no legend. I teach with 100% belief in the individual, corporate, sporting team or other. I am aware coaching is a privileged career as I witness the possibility of success when the client dives out of their comfort zone, unaware they are about to do whatever it takes.

You may be scratching your head thinking “you’ve taught hundreds how-to believe in themselves however you’ve been struggling with your own self-belief and self-worth.” Yes that is true.

Stay tuned for my next lesson coming soon!

What lessons have you been learning? What have you most needed to learn?

Cheers to you achieving your Everest.
Coach Shells
Skype: shelley.taylor.smith
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Disclaimer: No apologies for this deep blog post 😉 


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