“7 Times Marathon Swimming Champion Reveals Her Motivational Secrets”

“7 Times Marathon Swimming Champion Reveals Her Motivational Secrets”

In this three item collection of motivational products ready for you or a loved
one this Christmas.

Swimming for hours on end is not easy.

What having to roll your arms over again and again.

The water is often cold, murky and unbearable.

There is an army of arms and legs to avoid, jelly fish to battle,  not
to mention the gallons of water which gushes down your throat.

You have only one thing to do…

And that’s to give up.

That is the best and easiest thing to do… right ?

Isn’t it ?

But if you give up that wouldn’t that mean failure ?

That would mean you have to live forever with knowing you are a quitter.

Sure quitting is a quick short term solution but what about the long term effects it will have on you.

How could you look at yourself in the mirror?


There is an alternative.

There is a way you can keep going and not quit.

You see to keep going when everything is against you is a mindset.

It is an attitude.

And it is a skill you can learn.

Shelley Taylor Smith learned it.

She never gave up no matter how many times jelly fish were stinging her.

She kept going.

And you can keep going too.

Grab your copy of:
“Dangerous When Wet – The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story”

Here for the very first time 7 times World Marathon Swimming Champion
Shelley-Taylor Smith reveals her motivational secrets to NOT quit.

For the very first time Shelley is pulling back the curtain to reveal the secrets on how
she overcame personal obstacles, physical pain, and the treachery of open water
swimming to become world marathon swimming champion 7 times over

She reveals her secrets so you can become a personal champion too.

But that is not all…

Shelley is also making available the “Millionaire Motivators Book”
where 16 of the world’s top motivators describe how they use positive
mindsets to attract the life they desire.

Read the story of Winter Olympic Gold Medallist Steve Bradbury and discover,
“The only way you could ever win a gold medal Bradbury is for…”

Also included in this Christmas package is the “Taylor-Made Motivations CD”
where Shelley talks you through 69 timeless motivators to kick start your day,
your energy and get you back on your feet again.

Play the CD in your car, on your iphone or ipad, at your convenience and realise
that a positive mindset is achievable for you to succeed.

These three items retail individually for $107.

But as a special Christmas bonus these three items:
     1. “Dangerous When Wet – The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story” Biography
    2.  “Millionaire Motivators Book”
    3.  “Taylor-Made Motivations CD”

Can be yours for only $97 plus free shipping and handling saving another $15.

But you must be quick.

Plus purchase all three items for $97 and receive free shipping til 31st December 2014 or until they are sold out!

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Plus also get Shelley’s Champion Mindset Guarantee.

“In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with your order
simply return the goods for 100% money back.  Shelley can’t be
fairer than that can she.”

So grab all three:

     1. “Dangerous When Wet – The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story” Biography
    2.  “Millionaire Motivators Book”
    3.  “Taylor-Made Motivations CD”

For only $97 by clicking this link below NOW.

And Remember: If you don’t quit, you will make it!”

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Shelley Taylor-Smith

PS:  Limited supplies of the book and CD are available
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