“7 Times Marathon Swimming Champion Reveals Her Motivational Secrets”

“7 Times Marathon Swimming Champion Reveals Her Motivational Secrets” In this three item collection of motivational products ready for you or a loved one this Christmas. Swimming for hours on end is not easy. What having to roll your arms over again and again. The water is often cold, murky and unbearable. There is an army of arms and legs to avoid, jelly fish to battle,  not to mention the gallons of water which gushes down your throat. You have only one thing to do… And … [Read more...]

Testing bullet points

Bullet1 Bullet2 Bullet3 Bullet4 Bullet5 … [Read more...]

That time of the season… 12 tips for increased motivation

We all have days… Where we struggle to stay motivated, especially if you’re working on a large or long-term project. It's even more depressing, when you really want the goal you're aiming for... and yet you're struggling to find the energy to actually do any work towards it! OR In most of my squad swimmer's and triathlete's case… When you have achieved a huge personal goal after five, nine or 12 months of massive commitment to complete either the Busso Ironman, Busso Ironman 70.3 or … [Read more...]

Swimming Stroke Correction with Shelley Taylor-Smith

 If you are looking to improve your swimming technique AND your swimming times then this rare opportunity may be just the perfect remedy! The 1-on-1 Stroke Correction is available for a limited time and is suitable for any level of swimmer – from those of you learning to swim to those looking to achieve their Everest -  a 1/2 Ironman, a Rottnest Channel Solo or English Channel Solo crossing. Being 1-on-1 means that this session is totally “taylored” around your specific needs, whatever … [Read more...]