Mind Over Matter – Never Give Up The Battle

This morning as I snuggled up to my warm doona knowing the thermometer was struggling to reach 3 degrees Celcius... I shook my head thinking it was not that many years ago, I thrived on mornings like this, clocking up 10kms in the ocean or river... at least. "Well Shell you got up yesterday and swam. So why did you struggle today?" I asked myself. With the cold, winter weather hitting us, the number of swimmers showing up at swim practice each day is dwindling. So the cycle goes. It has … [Read more...]

H20 Magazine Interview

So excited ... just been interviewed by Simon Griffiths for next issue of H20 Magazine "hero update" ... the worlds only open water swimming magazine. I never think of myself as a hero... I am most proud of my global legacy from my swimming career that created separate rankings and equal prizemoney for women and men. And that was ONLY possible because of the support team I had around me too. What FOOTPRINTS ARE YOU KEEN TO LEAVE for your family, friends, community, planet? … [Read more...]