Open Water Swim Calendar Heats Up Downunder

As we settle into the warmer weather downunder in Australia and across the Tasman in New Zealand, a number of swim meets for open water are coming up. According to Swim Swam, a number of open water events are happening this weekend. It may be hard for some in the northern hemisphere to imagine, but it’s time to hit the open ocean down in Australia and New Zealand with several open water events on the calendar.  This weekend there’s a few good events in New South Whales including the 14th … [Read more...]

Open Water Swim Event Hosted By ASATT

Cash prizes totalling US$6,000 and Apple iPads are up for grabs this weekend as ASATT hosts it's inaugural 10km swim As published earlier today in the Trinidad Express ... The Amateur Swimming Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ASATT) will be hosting its inaugural Petrotrin 10 kilometre Open Water Swim at the Guapo Beach Facility, Guapo on Sunday. ASATT  has joined with the state enterprise as part of the company’s celebration of 20 years of service to the country. The hosting of the … [Read more...]

Tips On What To Wear When Open Water Swimming

Today I'm sharing a very entertaining and helpful post that was recently written by Elaine Howly, published on Athleta Chi - sharing her tips on what NOT to wear when taking part in open water swimming. Here are some tips and tricks for finding the right suit for your next adventure. (Please note, I’m referencing one-piece bathing suits below; like most competitive open water swimmers I know, I prefer wearing one-piece suits, but quietly envy the women who can flaunt it prettily in a training … [Read more...]

Swim The Swan Registrations Open

One of the richest swim contests in the country takes place in Western Australia in February 2014 with swimmers vying for a chance to win their share of the high prize money. Registrations have opened for BHP Billiton's Aquatic Super Series, which features swimming and water polo competitions and a mass open water race across the river where up to 500 people will battle for a share of more than $100,000. For two days on Friday January 31 and Saturday February 1, the Australian Swim Team will … [Read more...]

Blind Swimmers Swim From Alcatraz To San Fransisco

Open water swimming can be challenging and gruelling for most of us - but imagine the added challenge if you were vision impaired! A group of awesome swimmers have completed the swim across the San Fransisco Bay - from Alcatraz Island to San Fransisco. And each one of them is blind. This was a history making swim as it was the first ever to be completed by a vision impaired swimmer. PHOENIX (CBS5) - Three blind swimmers from the Valley have completed a historic swim across the San … [Read more...]

Nyad’s Team Says She’s Committed To Transparency

Nyad's team says she's committed to transparency, will meet with swimmers skeptical of feat Diana Nyad is planning to meet with members of the marathon swimming community who are skeptical about her 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida, her team said Monday. Since Nyad finished her swim last week, long-distance swimmers have been debating on social media and in online forums whether the 64-year-old endurance athlete got into or held onto the boat accompanying her. They say she could not have … [Read more...]

Xtream Dream Makes The Impossible Possible For Nyad

"Remember when they said they couldn't land a man on the moon? Remember when they said no man could run a sub-4 minute mile? Remember when they said no man could climb Mt Everest? Remember when they said no am could swim the English Channel? And again... Until 3rd September ... Remember when they said no one, could swim solo from Cuba to Florida... It was humanly impossible due to the surmountable obstacles? And again... The Indominable human spirit has prevailed defying the odds, … [Read more...]

Nyad Makes History Completing Dream Swim

The open water swimming world is abuzz with the news that Diana Nyad has completed her epic marathon swim from Cuba to Key West on the coast of Florida today. The 64 year old endurance marathon open water swimmer completed the swim, covering 110 miles (approximately 177 kms) in just over 53 hours, and made history as the first person to complete the swim without a shark cage. This was Nyad's fifth attempt to complete the approximately 177-kilometre swim. She tried three times in 2011 and … [Read more...]

Solstice Swim Nude Style!

THE crack of dawn has been given a whole new meaning with hundreds braving near freezing conditions for a nude swim in Hobart, Australia. All were issued with red swimming caps and white towels, which were dropped on the beach before squeals could be heard as the swim began.     . … [Read more...]

Open Water Swimming At It’s Best In The West!

Mel Tantrum has had the top Australian, New Zealand and Japanese open water swimmers under her tutelage for the past few months. Now that takes a Champion Mindset... Open Water Swimming Mastery at it's best in the West!!! Perth's Australian title holder Rhys Mainstone has been with Tantrum for two years, while Kiwi Kane Radford and Japan's Yasunari Hirai recently made the move to Perth as part of a long-term build-up to the Rio Olympics in 2016. … [Read more...]