Nyad’s Team Says She’s Committed To Transparency

Nyad’s team says she’s committed to transparency, will meet with swimmers skeptical of feat

Diana Nyad is planning to meet with members of the marathon swimming community who are skeptical about her 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida, her team said Monday.

Since Nyad finished her swim last week, long-distance swimmers have been debating on social media and in online forums whether the 64-year-old endurance athlete got into or held onto the boat accompanying her. They say she could not have picked up as much speed as she says she did from the fast-moving Gulf Stream current.

“Diana is proud of what she and her team accomplished last week, and she is committed to complete transparency,” said Alexandra Crotin, one of Nyad’s spokeswomen.

Nyad planned to meet Tuesday with “her peers in the swimming community,” Crotin said.
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