2012: A Sensational Year To Overcome Your Fears and Open Yourself Up to New Horizons!

I’m planning on making 2012 a sensational year. How ’bout you?

In less than four hours (dowunder), it will be a whole new year, where lots of people will be celebrating.

Inspired by the Champions of 2011! Diana Nyad, Penny Palfrey, SAS soliders in Afghanistan, Peter Hughes, Steven Munatones of OpenWaterSwimming.com Janine Shepherd, Tim Cleland, Brad Hogg, Ky Hurst, Melissa Gorman & Paul Downie…

I wrote today’s blog

But before you say farewell to 2011... I want you to complete this very important exercise…

then you’re ready to dive into 2012 with me!

I’m planning to do some incredible things. I’m planning to accomplish some long-time goals, and get over a few hurdles that have been holding me back. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, my focus is to be in harmony with my true authentic self.

And it all starts right now. The habits I will form will allow me to accomplish the things I want. It ALL comes down to consistency.

…we are creatures of habit!

What about you? How will you set out to achieve your goals this coming year? Following a different path, or falling back to old habits?

I think you know the answer. Let’s all make 2012 the best year ever!

Dive into 2012 with Shelley Taylor-Smith

Here are some of my plans:

  • To reach out to more people and share my passion for Open Water Swimming Mastery
  • To support people and teach them how-to swim for their life
  • To help swimmers achieve their “Everest” – solo crossing of the English Channel
  • To travel to Florida in March for the Global Open Water Swimming Conference
  • To travel to London to officiate in the 10km Marathon Swim men’s & women’s events in the 2012 Olympic Games
  • To achieve what I consider “swimming shape”- and participate in the World Masters Open Water Swim event in June in Italy.
  • To continue to learn & grow by staying true to my authentic self
  • To move past hurdles that have held me back in the past – Releasing, Accepting & Applying the positive lessons (culling relationships and dead wood);
  • To continue to increase my level of happiness by giving back to my favourite backyard, Perth, Western Australia; that supported me achieving my goals when pursuing my OWS goals and career….
  • and to finally call on my girlfriend Layne Beachley to learn to surf!

What are some of your plans and ideas for the coming year?

Cheers Head Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith

PS: if you’re ready to dive in with me and overcome your fears, frustrations and boost your confidence and skill set… check here for OWS Masstery Specials from Santa Shelley for upcoming stroke correction clinics, OWS clinics and Open Water Tuesday sessions.


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