Want to overcome your fear of the Open Water in 2012?

Santa Shelley to the rescue!









Hello Open Water Swimming Dreamers & Achievers –in-waiting!

  • Have a fear of Open Water?
  • Panic stricken the night before a Triathlon?
  • Shaking in your wetsuit at the starting line?
  • Frustrated that you can’t remain calm…no matter how hard you try?
  • Overcome with anxiety … and you don’t know why?
  • Improving your OWS skill set in 2012 is one of your goals?

Well fear no more… Santa Shelley is here to the rescue!

Understanding your fears… and knowing how-to teach YOU to overcome them; I am offering these exciting Christmas Specials for YOU, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR TEAMMATES… until midnight 31st December 2011… Or when they’re sold out! (whichever comes first).

It is my number one goal to turn your turn your ‘love-hate’ relationship of open water around with you becoming a passionate open water swimmer, begging for more than chlorine and that black line.

Then 2012 is your time to shine in Open Water with these upcoming events at special offers:

For more detailed information click on the links above for each program.

PS: once the above specials are sold; they are gone! None of the above specials will be found anywhere on the Open Water Swimming Mastery website.

Any questions call Head Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith on 0414 594 245 or email headcoach@OpenWaterSwimmingMastery.com





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