Walk Your Talk!

Here’s a timely reminder for you.
WARNING: this may be offensive to some!

Today I came to the realisation that due to my current health I will be withdrawing from this Sunday’s HBF Run for a Reason.

As one of the ambassadors for the 2013 event; my role is raising funds for Heart Research as supporter of the Heart Foundation in Perth, Western Australia.:-)

So as you can imagine I have immense feelings of guilt.


After a chat with my coach Sherree Rylands Blackley  and…

Then turning up the volume of my Inner Winner… hearing her say… “You know the drill Shell-Belle, respect your body and walk your talk”….

And then receiving this gorgeous message on facebook from Charles Couturi er in Montreal: “If Shelley says she can’t go, we all understand! One of the primary reasons for sports is to educate. And you’re teaching the right thing, by respecting yourself.”

I know it was the best decision. I believe that everything happens for a reason. We cannot always see the reason immediately; sometimes we don’t see it for years.

Every goal we go for is a lesson waiting to be experienced. Every time we don’t achieve the goal there is a lesson to be learned.

Now you will either get the lesson before or you will get the lesson after. The challenge is after the fact.  The lesson from my experience is a lot harder.

Sometimes the decision alone changes everything!

So ask yourself:

“What is important to you that guarantees to LoveTheSkinURin…  walk your talk and respect your body?”

and… What is one small decision you need to make? Where could it possibly lead you?

Cheers Head Coach Shells

PS: Seriously. Stop beating yourself up like a Chump and start respecting yourself like the Champ you were born to be!




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