Half Million For CanTeen And Can Assist Fundraising Event

Open Water Swimming, Fundraising Event, Cancer Fund Raising Event, Open Water Swimming FundraiserIt takes pain and experience to sometimes give you a gentle push into a direction that will shape your perspective and principle sin life. This is what happened to Chloe McCardel.

Raising Funds For Cancer Patients

Since 1950, over 20 swimmers have tried and none have succeeded where Chloë McCardel plans to go in 2013.

Not only is McCardel going to swim 170 km from Cuba to Florida this coming June without a shark cage or the benefit of protective swim gear, but she is also hoping to raise $500,000 with her charity swim across the Florida Strait in order to support individuals with cancer.

McCardel and her team has selected CanTeen and Can Assist. “I’m so pleased to be supporting these [Australian-based] charities as part of my attempt to swim from Cuba to the USA.

When I was 14 years old, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I know about the emotional and financial toll that a diagnosis can bring.”

With a global following, the personable marathon swimming star with 6 solo English Channel crossings under her cap plans to raise $150,000 for Australian cancer charities and $350,000 for cancer support internationally as she trains for her 60-70 hour solo swim through the Gulf Stream. She will face nearly every obstacle known to the open water swimming world: box jellyfish, Portuguese man o war, currents of unimaginable strength, eddies of miles in circumference, sharks of various types, distance, tropical heat, squalls, ocean swells and surface turbulence that are generated in a potential angry open ocean. “I want this to be an inspirational event, not just recognising the challenge of ultra-marathon swimming, but also recognising the battle that everyday Australians face when presented with a condition that can have such a profound effect.”

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Can Assist is a charity that provides financial assitance, practical support, accomodation for people affected by any kind of cancer. Can Teen had over 250 programs throughout Australia giving opportunity to young people who has cancer and have a support system where they can meet and connect with people of same or similar situation.


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