FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee Announce New Members

TOWSC New Committee

FINA Delegate and FINA TOWSC member Jean Paul Narce of France together with Joanes Hedel at the 2013 Traversée Internationale du lac Memphrémagog

The international governing body of swimming, FINA, recently announced new members to their technical open water swimming committee (TOWSC).

The newest members will bring fresh blood and enthusiasm to the sport, including one of our own, Australian William Ford. William is the author of the authoritative Australian Long Distance and Marathon Swimming Manual

An article posted on dailynews of open swimming lists the new members of the committee who join those long-time members.

In terms of touching the global open water swimming community and its reach to the over 12,600 open water events around the world, the FINA TOWSC members are the most influential members of the community. They are collectively responsible for advising, analyzing, appointing, investigating, studying and recommending rules, regulations, protocols, procedures, equipment and specifications regarding the preparations and execution of open water swimming events sanctioned and organized by FINA. These policies and rules are then adopted by the 202 member federations (countries) around the world. Although there are a few examples of deviations between FINA rules and rules used by other governing bodies (e.g., swimsuit styles, swim caps, water temperature), the FINA TOWSC‘s influence is global and ubiquitous.

Wishing all the members, both long serving and new to the committee every success for the coming term 2013-2017.

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