Don’t Start A Resolution… Set A Goal!

New Year - Fitter You!

It’s now 2012 and your thoughts have turned to setting goals…
or what some call New Year’s Resolutions!

and none are more important than in the area of your Health & Fitness!

Each January, people who resolve to get fit… get healthy and lose weight; flock to the gym, the pavement, the pool, the open water. Gym owners and managers say by the end of February, the place is almost empty.

People stop coming — Most people bite off more than they can chew on New Year’s Eve when starting a drastic change of life in a short period of time.

However most people (the statistics say close to 95%) fail… because they usually do not resolve to to do what it takes day by day… because of a lack of knowledge (a plan of action) and/or lack of motivation (a list of benefits you will feel).

So the question is — what can people do to stick to those resolutions?

THIS YEAR SET A GOAL! So a goal begins with the end in mind? ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!!

So if you were to meet a fitter version of your self right now… what would he or she look like?

"Diana Nyad" copyright Catherine Opie

A goal begins with the end in mind!

Get a picture in mind of how the 2012 fitter you looks, feels and the benefits associated with the New You in 2012!

Best to try not to change too much in your life too quickly. Many people, in their annual search for fitness, make broad resolutions that require several different life style changes. Quitting smoking, starting an exercise program, and dieting all in the same week can be extremely challenging.

Tackling any ONE of the above vices is challenging enough. If you have any of the above vices or others, you may want to try one step at a time rather than trying “cold turkey — and all at once!” Here is a plan that will get you started on the right track.

Goal Setting

This year at Open Water Swimming Mastery squads and clinics I am helping people set a goal to overcome their fear of Open Water and achieve some form of race later in the year. Using the first 6-9 months to train for the event will get you in shape for the event AND help you lose weight. Busselton 1/2 Ironman May 2012, Rottnest Channel 20km Marathon Swim 2013, 10k walk or run, a 1/2 marathon, marathon, etc.

In 2011 I had the unique opportunity to work with Paul Downie as his Mindset Coach, preparing him for “his Everest” – The English Channel – a solo crossing of 40-50 kms… swimming for average of 12-15hrs in 16C degrees water (if you’re Mother nature is kind to you). Paul had 3yrs earlier quit the rat race lifestyle on doctor’s advice… started a health & fitness program including quitting smoking, losing weight and eating healthier plus taking up regular cardio vascular exercise… swimming.

Who would’ve thought by 2011 Paul would be embarking on a challenge and journey of a lifetime… where more people have successfully climbed Mt Everest than successsfully swam the English Channel… and SUCCEED! Along with seven (7) teammates from Swimsmooth swim squad …. all in the name of charity as well… Breast Cancer Network of WA

And it all began with A Plan. Not any ordinary plan either… The 2011 English Channel Swimmer Plan.

If you begin with the end in mind… and then come back to now… you too will require a Champion Plan that guarantees you success in achieving your goal.


I will have some more tips to starting slowly and preventing failure of your goals within the first month of the New Year.

So in summary… START TODAY!

Cheers Head Coach, Shelley Taylor-Smith

About Shelley Taylor-Smith: Shelley Taylor-Smith is a former 7-time Women’s World Ranked No.1 Marathon Swimming Champion, Author and Open Water Swimming Coach certified as an Open Water Swimming – Bronze Level Coach with (ASCTA) Australian Swimming & Coaching Teachers Association. If you are interested in starting a workout program to create a healthy lifestyle – check out the Open Water Swimming website and the Think Like A Champion Club article archive at Champion To contact Shelley with your comments and questions, e-mail her at

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