Monument For Key West in Nyad’s Honour

Following Nyad’s record breaking swim in September from Havanna to Key West, a monument for recognition is planned …

Diana Nyad did the unthinkable this past September in her successful swim from Havana to Key West. According to reports in the Miami Herald the City of Key West plans to establish a monument in recognition to Nyad’s accomplishment.  City Manager Bob Vitas has requested the city’s “Art in Public Places” committee to start drafting plans for a monument commemorating the epic swim. Vitas expressed the need for “something to recognize the historical significance of that event for generations to see.”  Through her swim she inspired thousands of men and woman around the globe to persevere in their quest of realizing dreams.

The Key West Arts committee has suggested launching an international design competition.

Read the entire article on the proposed monument in honour of Diana Nyad‘s record swim here …

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