The Power Of Success – Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 – The Power of Focus in “The Power of Success” Online Coaching Program.

Congratulations to those who completed Week One’s workout and your commitment to playing it 100%.

Last week we used the Power of Now to identify the “Success Blockers” – those negative / limiting beliefs and distractions in your life that hold you back and how to turn them into positive energies and actions that lead you to seizing the success in your life you want. You completed your workout – of course!

NB: If you haven’t completed week one’s workout; go back and do it right now, then come back to this after… rather than beating yourself up about it.

You now have a clearer picture of what you want from working out in your mind gym, using your Champion Mindset® muscles. You have caught yourself in negative moods and mind-speak and taken action to “stuff n flush” the success blockers, shifting habits that hold you back, choosing to turn ‘mess’ into success all week. Well done Champ!

Look back at those moments you have succeeded this week, big or small – how great was that? Did you sense yourself smiling more? Did anyone notice and say anything to you? How inspiring was it to see yourself and the world you live in, in a totally positive light? ‘WOO-HOO!’ If not, have patience; habits take time to change and not everyone around us will react in a positive way to the change – we have to persevere to win, accept what appears as bad as new learnings eg. “I am not getting it” or “I am not changing” and no quitting!

“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” Oprah Winfrey

To empower you this week we’re looking at how to maintain your commitment and focus, even when the tide’s against you, with…

The Power of FOCUS – How to keep it simple and engage your mind and body to create what you want.

You are now awake from your ‘alright life’ snooze and present to engage your mind to create what you want. Focus on what you want and you will create it – Focus on what you don’t want and you will create it. We always get what we focus on! Learn from past experiences. What have you wanted or not wanted? Where did it get you? Did you lose track of what you wanted?

“You want what you want, whether or not you think you can get it.”

Robert Fritz – composer, filmmaker and organizational consultant

Why do we lose track of what we want?

Many people find it difficult to focus – we’re very good at leading our minds a-stray when things get too tough. That’s why we started with what we did last week! Why is it that sometimes you’re on track on a task or goal, driven to achieve and other times you get bogged down, your passion fizzles out, no matter how hard you try to motivate yourself?

Did you know that 90% of your behaviour is based on habit?

The difference that makes all the difference is your FOCUS!

To change any habit takes five (5) days of laser focused action and twenty-one (21) days before this new habit feels easily at home… now a ritual.  That’s why I’m sticking with you for 7 weeks. Positive focus needs to be ingrained and remember: if you don’t quit, you’ll make it!

You know your focus is not up to Champion status when:

• Your feel like you never complete what you set out to achieve in your day
• Your distractions/fears/negatives become your total focus
• You feel that someone/event/obstacle has control of you
• Your stuck believing and achieving what you don’t want
• Your home, work, your life, both personally and professionally, your goals and dreams are not as fulfilling as you want them to be.

Because the Power of Focus is so important I’ve created a three (3) minute recording to give you a stronger sense of how you can apply it. Hear one of my favourite stories whilst I was competing for Australia, turning a very negative situation into a positive one, embracing the obstacles and creating opportunities to achieve the ultimate goal.

So Click here to listen to the 3-minute Jellyfish Story

What areas in your life are you experiencing similar jellyfish, where you can’t break free, hitting your head against the wall, you feel like you have been stung, sucking the life out of you and stopping you from going forward?

So how do I make my FOCUS work for me?

Let’s get you back on track – FOCUSED on your Success.

As humans we are ‘trained’ that we will get what we work for or ‘deserve’ in life. As kids people who are told they can do or be anything they want – succeed. Those of us who are told we can’t, enough times, believe just that and we stop ourselves succeeding. But our subconscious brains are naturally programmed to protect us, to look out for our body, to keep us alive and the best we can be. We are trained to be positive and your unconscious Champion knows it too! And remember it will believe what we tell it, 100% of the time.

What does that mean? Plain and simple…. it is your birthright to be positive!

Understanding that as humans we are trained to be positive, our nervous system will design behaviour dependent on what we focus on.

Now here is your personal workout to find out where your focus is and what actions you need to take to create a mind that succeeds. Read through it now and come back to it at the end in your Mindset gym.

1- How do I view my world? As successful, mediocre or a failure?

What ___% out of 100, do I focus on what I want?

What ___% out of 100, do I focus on NOT what I want?

What action can I take to make my focus work for me?

Answer :

Action :


2 – Where is my focus right NOW? – Is it moving towards what I want (focused on success) or away from achieving what I want (stuck in the mess)?

Where my focus is right now, what action do I need to take to produce consistent results?

Answer :

Action :


3 – List 3 times when you were stinking-thinking and stuck in the mess, unable to move forward with your problem focus.

Now list 3 times where you stuck in the mess and you created successful outcomes with your solution focus.

Problem Focus:





Solution Focus:





4 – Reviewing your answers in question 3 above; What is the difference between being Stuck in the mess versus the Success outcomes?

What was missing in the mess? What did I do differently with my Solution Focus?

Answer :

Action :


5- How often do I end up with what I want to avoid rather than what I want to achieve?

Review your focus and the difference between Problem vs Solution Focus… What action do I need to take to create the Power of Focus?

Answer :

Action :

Remember once again:




Still stuck? For a fun exercise – don’t think about a blue tree… What are you thinking about? …A blue tree!

You cannot not think about something without thinking about it. Think about that!! That is you can not not think about the blue tree, without first imagining it! Your focus goes to the unwanted blue tree. You created what you focused on in your mind…

Remember the Jellyfish Story – yes, at first, I struggled to really, really believe that the jellyfish could be my friends – the stings were kisses and the millions of jellyfish were my supporters. But day by day as I shifted my focus away from my stinking- thinking jellyfish revulsion, I befriended the jellyfish in my mind and created the positive gold medal moment.

The % that you focus on NOT what you want,

is the % that prevents you achieving what you want.

Anything less than 100% certainty is DOUBT.

Final pep talk from Coach Shelley: Remember… think of focus as a new muscle or a new skill. The more you practice the habit, the stronger you will become. As you continue to practice in your Champion Mindset gym each day, your Focus will hone in on what you want and you will achieve it with 100% certainty and accuracy.

Enough pep talk from me…. time to practice in your Champion Mindset® gym. Have a great workout!

See you next week …. where we work on the muscle: The Power of Passion – How to motivate yourself and persevere to the finish line with gusto.

Dare to dream and enjoy your Champion journey!