The Power Of Success – Week 1

Week One – The Power of Now

Now is all you have, to live your life to the full, moment by moment, being yourself 100%. You are ‘Present’ in the now when you experience yourself being 100% in everything you create and achieve.

Welcome to Week 1 of “The Power of Success” Online Coaching Program.

The Power of NOW – how to seize your opportunities now, how to rid yourself (“stuff it and flush it”) of the success blockers – the past beliefs and habits that limit your choices and actions, those that currently prevent you from achieving your full potential now. By stuffing and flushing those success blockers – the negative feelings, words and choices you can NOW look forward to the future with no fear, no excuses. Make this choice and KNOW you CAN seize your opportunities NOW.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” Henry Ford

Seizing Your Opportunities

Opportunities are there for all of us. Those who grab them are the people who have taken the time to decide what they really want and go for it. They find a way to reach the goal and persevere until they get there. Those goals may be big or small, in any area of your life, but ONLY you can choose what they are and how hard you are willing to work to get them.

When you commit to seizing your opportunities, you will need to identify your worries, distractions and frustrations. These negative moments hold you back, stop you from getting what you want AND make you feel it’s too hard to gain. Think of your mind as a bank account with costs – negative thought can make you ‘see red’, positive gets you gold!

Distractions or Disengagement

A recent study conducted by The Gallup Organisation in Australia has found that 20% of employees are “Actively Disengaged” at work and this costs the economy an estimated $31.5 billion per year. In contrast, only 18% of Australian workers are engaged at work.

Whether at work or home distractions, frustrations and procrastination cost us more than $$$… it affects relationships, our time management and our overall health and well-being.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We believe what we and others tell us. We like the good, we loathe the bad. Then we’re great at making up excuses to cover negative times!
  • These negative attitudes and excuses continually deposited into your Champion bank account create imbalance, taxing your health, self esteem and self confidence.

Energy is wasted as you spend too much time on the success blockers – those limiting thought patterns, the exact things that you want to avoid.

  • This wasted time and energy hoards your mind and clutters your thinking confusing you no end.
  • The clutter and confusion in your mind affects your overall self image. You think you are out of control. In fact you look out of control, you’re disengaged and you’re making it worse…
  • Distractions make you feel busy but in fact you are less productive and disengage as you keep putting off what you need to do to succeed.
  • Lack of control, distractions and your disengagement spirals into more excuses, it’s too hard and you want to give up. You tell yourself you now can’t succeed and believe it.

And so the cycle goes until you break it. So I’m telling you – others believe in you as a success and so I do, so stop making excuses. Choose to support you and seize the opportunities you have, find out what self-perceptions and views of you in your world you need to change.

You know it’s time to stop making excuses and “stuff it and flush it” when:

  • You have difficulty thinking clearly or knowing what you want in your life.
  • You have set and achieved goals, personally and professionally and are still unhappy.
  • You have attended self development courses, read CDs & books. They work for a while, then things get tough and feel you still can’t succeed.
  • You lack motivation even though you have a personal trainer or life / performance / business / executive coach.
  • Your friends, family and co-workers believe in your potential and your dreams more than you do.

How to seize the Power of NOW

Seizing your opportunities in the future requires that we assess:

  1. where you are right now…
  2. what’s important to you in all areas of your life…
  3. what thought patterns currently hold you back from success and…
  4. what you need to replace them with.

Find the Action that empowers you to persevere and succeed (see the Bonus Workout below). ‘Stuffing and flushing’ the old makes way for the Champion in you to step out and achieve its potential. The choice is yours right now…

Bonus Workout:

1- Where am I currently living my life? – Past / Present / Future

Answer :

Action :


2 – Prioritise the six areas of your life in order no.1 being the area that you choose to focus on right now.

Areas: Self – Personal / Self-development, Family, Relationships, Health &

Fitness, Finances, and Spirituality.









3 – Presently what worries, thoughts and beliefs consume my time and energy that I choose to “stuff & flush” from my Champion Mindset account?

When ‘stuffing & flushing’ ask yourself these 3 questions:

(1) Are these thoughts, beliefs and worries really important? Do I need them?

(2) How will my life change when I stop saying / believing / acting these success blockers? What is the worse thing that could possibly happen?

(3) Does someone else support these old habits along with me?

Answer :

Action 1:

Action 2:

Action 3:


4 – What “Possibility Thinking” will start new Champion thoughts and beliefs, creating certainty within me as I deposit them daily into my Champion Mindset account?




5- What will this “Possibility Thinking” of new Champion thoughts and beliefs provide me with?



Take Action with this Champion workout – use the Power of NOW.

I said in the introduction letter that this would only take a few minutes each day to do and it can. But if you really want to succeed and get what you want, surely you’re worth investing a little more time and effort? You’ve probably spent more time working out why your computer’s crashed (again!) or why your i-phone or i-pad apps aren’t working, than you have on fixing you! Commit to doing this for yourself, taking ‘a few minutes’ each day. Stop ‘trying’ to create the success you want – re-commit to you and do.

Manage your time – diarise in your planner, diary, i-phone or android when you can complete this workout and stick to it – that’s half the job. If you need to ask someone to support you in doing this, to challenge your commitment, do. It’s great to have someone to be accountable to, but remember they are your support team, so be kind when they do ask.

If you read this now and REALLY feel you can’t or won’t make time, ask me for your money back today or sign up again later this year. I’m here to work with you, but only if you can want to succeed.

Final pep talk from Coach Shelley:

De-clutter and engage your mind, dump the negative and choose to tell yourself you can have, be, do what you want in your positive world. Feel it, hear it, see it and this week practice what you preach to yourself.

Think clearly, feel more energetic, know everything is under control and you are in control, achieving what you set out to do, amazing not only yourself but your family, friends and co-workers too.

Once you’ve started this new Champion habit you practice daily to develop fitness with this new muscle in your brain. It takes 5 days of shifting any habit to get used to it and a month to make it feel normal – that’s why I’m with you for 7 weeks!

One day at a time, positive and healthy habits will balance your Champion account flushing out those old, negative, unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. WOO HOO!

Enough pep talk from me … time to go exercise your Champion Mindset gym. Have a great workout!

PS. Membership into your Champion Mindset gym is free and your password for entry is: I CELEBRATE THE POWER IN ME NOW.

BONUS CHAMPION WORKOUT: “How to Turn Mess into Success” has more detail about de-cluttering your brain and your life which would be of great benefit to you, particularly if you suffer or have been accused of “over-analysis paralysis”.

Dare to dream and enjoy your Champion journey!

See you next session.... where we work on the muscle: The Power of Focus: How to keep it simple, engage your mind & body and create what you want.