The Power Of Success – Day 3

Day 3 – The Power Of Passion

Welcome to Day 3 of “The Power of Success” Online Coaching Program.

The Power of PASSION – How to discover your brilliance to motivate yourself and persevere to the finish line.

Let’s continue on from yesterday and focus now on learning how to motivate and drive yourself with your brilliance and passion.

Why is it not the norm to shine?

“We shouldn’t stand out…” or is that “shouldn’t show off”

Every time I hear it, and I have heard it in many countries, I think “this is unnatural”…. yet we actually tell ourselves and others this on a regular basis – whether we know it or not!

Every time we talk about what we are not good at – that it’s not good to be better than others; that we have to ‘fit in’ – we consciously and unconsciously reinforce our weaknesses and negative side more than our brilliant successful side! To succeed, we have to shift our focus away from this and make success focused decisions using the Power of Now, as we already know…

Work towards what you want and on what you are good at – this is where our confidence shines!

Happiness is not a result. It is a state of mind and body.

When we were kids growing up we all had dreams – remember yours…?!

The vast majority of us were told we were brilliant, wonderful, FANTASTIC and it was reinforced either by our parents, family, friends and teachers. We were positively encouraged to develop and learn to succeed.

As we grew into teenagers we started getting really excited about our possibilities and dreams in life, we started seeing success and going for it under our own steam. It would take hard work, but we were willing to go for it anyway! Some did it in the class room, some at sports, others at simply making friends. We were told that’s GREAT, but don’t gloat if you end up winning. Some of us even ridiculed for our attempts, but we still had a go…

Later we entered a workforce, where personal celebration of any success was often viewed as something that made you unpopular. But hey, your failures were more celebrated than success! The diligence and hard work you were willing to put in years before went out the window. Drive and passion was replaced by the need to fit in, to not rock the boat, for being ‘accepted’ and ‘accepting’ your lot in life.

When dreams die, passions die. When we lose our passion, we lose our power to drive ourselves, to keep pushing, because we forget what we’re doing it for…

SO WAKE UP! Passion is so important! Think of the last time you felt really strongly about something, big or small… Remind yourself what it feels like to fight in someone’s corner – to support them, rally for them, believe in them more than anything… What do you hear yourself saying at these times? How do you see others after your passionate ‘pep’ talks? You get passionate for them, so why not for yourself?

Our passion drives us, it reminds us we know what we’re fighting for AND that it is worth striving for, no matter what. We choose to believe we can achieve what we want – just like when we were kids. It starts with belief and grows with your positive thoughts and actions. The more passion and excitement you put in, the more likely you are to drive yourself to succeed.

So, I’m passionate about sharing this information with you, you are passionate about being in charge of your life and creating the success you want!

Only 15-25% of our time is spent on what we do best.

It’s your birthright to be the confident & brilliant Champion that you were born to be!

We came into this world kicking and screaming so stand up and celebrate.

It’s time to focus and choose the thoughts, beliefs & actions that consume your mind and time. Look back over your notes from last week and notice where you have shifted your focus from and to…

Remember positive focused thoughts, beliefs and action affect your health, wealth and happiness by:

  • Increasing your self esteem & perceived your self worth
  • Increasing your productivity and longevity – greater quality of life
  • Creating less stress and more energy with sense of joy
  • Creating more satisfied relationships with yourself, your family and your children
  • Allowing passion and success to flow over into ALL areas of your life – health & fitness, career, relationships, finances, personal development & family.

Look at how athletes get fired up when they achieve success and our passionate, often a zealous reaction to their fight. Notice how as a Nation we celebrate the brilliance and nerve of our Aussie Battlers. We remember the heartfelt passion, the tears, the joys…

Remember the sense of euphoria you feel when you do something great – the natural chemical reaction in our body, which makes you feel so good. Even when we are our own harshest critic (and usually the last person to praise ourselves!) we can still remind ourselves how it feels to feel great. We can even improve our mood through a simple smile. And guess what, it’s not just getting a smile that feels good, giving one feels great too. As we exercise over 80 muscles in our face it takes to smile, we send a subconscious message to our brain that we ‘feel good’. We produce endorphins, our natural chemical pain killers, then we feel a sense of immediate ease. It lasts for as long as you focus on that feeling – so go on have a smile! You’re probably giggling at yourself and feeling a bit silly now… No worries – being able to laugh at yourself is good for you too. Each one of us has the ability to produce these ‘feel-good’ chemicals, we simply have to turn them on!

We have the ability to express extreme passion, to hold major discussions about sport, politics, family – anything we feel strongly about. Remember – invite that passion, devotion and depth of feeling to work for your success. Take the positive energies exerted and use them to shift habits and mindsets that hold you back. Let’s re-discover your passion and values, get excited and barrack (that’s Aussie lingo for cheer) for you!

90% of your behaviour is based on habit.

Discovering your Brilliance – it’s time to Shine!

How to put the fizz in your PASSION

If you have the desire you have the power to be successful. You can really have anything you want in life if you go after it. But you have to want it. You also have to know that it fits with your ethics, your values, that you play fair in achieving your goals. Knowing your passion is your values, what motivates you and drives you; tells you what your brain is paying attention to.

If you change your values, you change the destiny in all areas of your life eg. Career, finances, relationships, family, health & fitness, personal growth and development and spirituality. What does that mean? Plain and simple…. it is your birthright to be positive!

As I said last week, in understanding that as humans we are trained to be positive, our nervous system will design behaviour dependent on what we focus on. Focus on the positive benefits for all when you are the excited, passionate, happy person you know you want to shine.

Now here’s your weekly personal Workout. Find out what drives you, where your focus is this week and what actions you need to take to create a mind that succeeds? As before, read through it now and come back to answer in your own Mindset gym time.


1- What am I passionate about? What motivates me and drives me?

How do I reignite my passion and my values to drive my motivation?

Answer :

Action :


2 – a) Prioritise your passions and motivation. Rank them in order of importance with No.1 being most important. These are your values.

b) What % out of 100 % am I currently living my passion?


% / 100

1.  ____/100

2.  ____/100

3.  ____/100

4.  ____/100

5.  ____/100

6.  ____/100

7.  ____/100

8.  ____/100

9.  ____/100

10.  ____/100


3 – Paying attention to my top five (5) motivators above, what action do I need to take to move them towards 100% to achieve my goals and what I want?








4 – How do the habits I live by affect my passion?

Check – are my habits moving me ‘towards’ or moving me ‘away from’ what I want in my life? What action can I take to move my habits towards what I want?




5 – What areas of my life are not what I want them to be?

If I focused on these areas how can I shift my habits to create motivation and passion right now?






Final pep talk from Shelley:

If you do nothing else but discover these values and live your passion

every single day, you cannot imgine how fulfilling your life will become!


And remember to share them with others you value, who can be passionate with you and help you celebrate each success along the way. You support them in their passions too, it’s all about the giving and sharing of strength and passion, the interactions in life that make up our life, that let us know we’re alive!

We’re not back at school or hiding from the office bully, we CAN create possibilities and dreams through positive values and passion – we deserve to SHOUT them out again and encourage ourselves, just as others did when we were a child. Be a big kid, find fun, grin and love it!

Enough pep talk from me … time to go to your Champion Mindset gym. Have a great workout!

See you tomorrow …. where we work on the muscle: The Power of Persistence – How to create mental toughness to bounce back from rejection, failure or setbacks and prevent burnout.

Dare to dream and enjoy your Champion journey!