Nothing Great Is Easy… Are you focused on the storm or the rainbow?

I am writing to you from Varne Ridge Holiday Caravan Park on the white cliffs of Dover sitting out my second major storm in two weeks and thought “Well Shelley there is no time like the actual “present moment” … where goals do not always go according to plan; so we are enjoying the English Channel journey also known as the “Rollercoaster ride of Life”.

…and the apt phrase “Nothing Great Is Easy” keeps me calm as I look forward and keep going strong. 

Life is just like that.

You get thrown curve balls, challenges, obstacles or “jellyfish” as many of you know and refer to them them.

So today’s blog is dedicated to your life role, purpose, mission, vision, goal and dream that you are currently living and/or attaining.

For any of you currently struggling, stuck, frustrated and fed up with not getting the results you think you deserve and not achieving what you have worked so hard for…

I would like to ask you… “Are you playing the role… your role 100%?”

If this is not sinking in and giving you clarity… then imagine this…

You’re an actor or actress and been given the script to star in a movie and the role that you are playing is …your life, your goal, your endeavour that you are currently going for.

So as we (Paul Downie & I) sit waiting patiently for Mother Nature to provide us with “the day” to swim the English Channel;  I have reminded him that when he accepted the role of “The English Channel Swimmer’ that it required the right combination of mindset, motivation, planning and preparation to the best of his ability, leaving no stone unturned.

We have prepared for every scenario since Paul employed me to be his Mindset coach six months ago. Together we mapped out a plan and prepare “The English Channel Swimmer” role and I am so proud to say… as we sit here and play the waiting game… Paul is calm and playing the role beautifully.


We could have allowed the environment to control us and our mind, thoughts and emotions and instead we have chosen to focus on the things we can control and move on.

Sometimes you can’t find the way or that one definitive answer to our challenges. Maybe you need to stop looking and start developing a solution.

Focus on Solutions — Do NOT Remain Absorbed in the Problem… Are You Looking At The Storm Or The Rainbow?   You will be more productive and effective when your attention is on the positive rather than the negative.  Focus on the fix. Spend no time today on negative reactions. Cross quickly to the sunny side — the solution side — of every situation

Remember there is always a solution. We either find it or make it.

If you’re going through a lot of change – or experiencing extra challenges — stay focused on the lessons to be learned – and the long term goals you want to achieve in your life.

Remember: Worry truly is a prayer — or a visualization — for what you do not want!

Consciously choose to stay focused on what you’re learning and what you want – and eventually it will all work out for you in the end. Make the single word “forward” your new mantra.  Repeat it often – and face yourself forward…and upward!

Sure this might mean you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Sure this might mean you need to feel some temporary pain before you see that longterm gain.  But The Law Of Attraction does not work without The Law Of Perspiration. If you want to get a lot – you gotta be willing to sweat a lot.

Your Champion Action for Solution Fixing & Playing Your Role at 100%

  1. What is Number One challenge at the moment?
  2. Now take 15 to 30 minutes to develop a solution.
  3. What lessons are you learning?

To help you weather your storm… here are two videos from Dover that I prepared.

The first is me last week in the storm at Dover Harbour in force 10 winds….

and the second one is of Paul Newsome, who weathered his storm (after missing the first chance like Paul Downie) and successfully achieving his English Channel solo on September 9th 2011. Paul shares the lessons he learned about his English Channel journey and the realisation that the toughest part in swimming the English Channel is the MINDSET and the mental toughness required to attain the goal.


Head Coach, Shelley Taylor-Smith

PS: Need help achieving your goals? Email me at and in 50 words or less let me know why you want me to help you achieve your goals. I will then contact you about the Champion Mindset breakthrough session – 1hr 1on1 with me via a telephone coaching call. This one hour will help you get back on track facing forward with a plan of action to implement straight away!