Dive In, Create Self-Confidence and Achieve Your Goals

Team STS Rotto Swim

Who Else Wants Open Water Success?

  • Properly sight to navigate correctly and not go off course
  • Eliminate the fear of pack swimming
  • Successfully swim around turn buoys without a kick or elbow to the face
  • Relax and enjoy open water swimming with mental strategies so you’re not freaking out on race day
  • Reduce race day anxiety and use any nervousness to your advantage
If all your swimming struggles and frustrations were finally gone what would be different for you?

  • Would you enjoy training more?
  • Be excited for races more?
  • Have more energy and confidence to go for a personal best on the bike and run?

Open Water Swimming is the number one challenge for most triathletes but it doesn’t have to be for YOU.

You’re about to discover the fastest way to break through limiting beliefs, leap over emotional barriers, push aside fears and phobias, and kick open the gears to the success most people can only dream about…

FINALLY …. 1on1 Swim Stroke Correction with Head Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith – email headcoach@openwaterswimmingmastery.com with subject header: “Shelley, YES I am keen for a 1-on-1 with you!”

Any further queries contact Shelley at headcoach@OpenWaterSwimmingMastery.com  or call 0414 594 245 so you don’t miss out!

Cheers, Head Coach
Shelley Taylor-Smith

PS: Just imagine overcoming your technique AND mental barriers to faster times AND more enjoyment!

NEWS FLASH!!!! Rottnest Channel 2017 starts ON 1st October 2016! with Head Coach, Shelley Taylor-Smith. Click for more info

TEAM STS SQUADS now available:

  • Fast Fun Speed Monday 5:45-7:00am at Scotch College
  • Open Water Tuesday: RESUMES on Tuesday 11th October 2016! 6:00-7:00am at Matilda Bay, Swan River.
  • Stroke Correction Wednesday 5:45-7:00am at Scotch College.
  • Aerobic Friday 5:45-7:00am at Scotch College.
  • Saturday Sesh with Shells 7:00-8.30am at Claremont Pool.