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Turn your goals into results this upcoming season!

Are you prepared to do something that is completely out of the norm?


Well, when you think about your Big Goal there is an important rule you should follow… Only share your goal with people who will encourage and support you.

warningHere is an added word of caution. Have you ever noticed – the person who will offer the most support has not necessarily achieved what you have your sights set on?

Believe in yourself and your goals and only share your dreams with those who will encourage and support you.

Who did I share my goals and aspirations with?

Watch the video below as I share “the shift” I recently experienced that changed everything for me in my business, both personally and professionally… from “me” to “others” and how this involves you!!!

Steve Jobs You might be familiar with Steve Jobs, and if not I’m sure you are familiar with Apple … the iPhone, the iPad, all of their computers.Apple changed the world. Steve Jobs changed the world. Not just with products but with attitude.Apple and Steve Jobs made it ‘OK’ to be great, to be different and to truly innovate.

When you consider what Steve Jobs accomplished in his life… And for that matter any successful athlete or individual on the planet!!!…

They didn’t do it alone.

They had a team of people who bought into their big goals and dreams. They had a team of people who helped make it happen every step of the way.

Ask yourself today…

    • Are you truly satisfied with your performance?
    • Do you believe you can achieve your potential?
    • Do you love what you do – in training, in competition?

If you answered no, maybe you need a team.

Maybe it’s time for you to get up, get over it and get on with it.. and transform your unique potential into peak performance and turn your dreams into reality.

    • You are more powerful than you could ever possibly imagine! Can you imagine that?
    • You have your very own, natural born Champion locked up within you… just waiting to be unleashed.

It’s time to Unleash Your Inner Winner and get on top of your game!

dont try but do

What I’ve done for this upcoming season is create a program that is all about YOUR big goals.

I wanted to give you a place to share and develop your goals. A place where you could get great support – which is exactly what you will find with my next Open Water Swimming Mastery Season.

At Open Water Swimming Mastery, dreams and goals are not just born, they are nurtured, nourished and grown. We help you build your idea or take the idea you already have and expand it to a reality.

“There are no shortcuts to success! PB’s are experienced and enjoyed through the transformation of your love-hate relationship for all things open water and experience.” Shelley Taylor-Smith, Head Coach, go for your goals

What do you really want? Share your big goal with me today.

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Shelley Taylor-Smith

Shelley Taylor-Smith
7-time Women’s World Marathon Swimming Champion,
2-time West Australian-Australian of Year Finalist,
OWS Mastery & Champion Mindset Performance Coach.
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PS: What do you really want? Share your big goal with me today.