It was a privilege to meet you at the Breakthrough 4 Business Conference in Wollongong.

If  you want to achieve results in life, personally and professionally; you must first unleash your inner winner.

One thing we know is the more confident we are, the better we feel about ourselves and the happier we are and the more effective we are in everything we do.

Self-confidence enables you to face changes and difficulties and setbacks with calmness and clarity… respond more effectively under any circumstances. Unleashing this profound inner quality outwardly – your SELF-CONFIDENCE; puts you in the position to achieve your unique potential utilising the underlying dynamic force – Your Own Champion Mindset ®.

YOU are dynamic, constantly evolving, changing and growing. Knowing where you are strong, how your energy flows effortlessly, where to focus and your potential for future growth enables a level of predictability in your career, that will unlock, activate and accelerate untapped possibilities.

Get the EDGE in your career and unlock the human potential at your fingertips. Follow through on your sentiment of you being your most important asset, focusing on what matters most to you to ensure positive and productive outcomes.

Transform behaviour, thinking and results.

To leverage on the B4B conference..  Simply follow these steps below:

  1. View power point presentation: Create Your Champion Mindset: How to Think Like a Champion for a Prosperous and Profitable Team
    Listen to this audio “The Jellyfish Story” mp3 recording to help you with the power of your focus to achieve what matters most to you!
  2. Listen to this audio The Power of Self-Belief – “Who’s Driving My Bus & Team Spirit” from Create Your Own Champion Mindset 7CD set with Shelley Taylor-Smith
    [Click here to listen to CD 2 – Tracks 1 now…] [Click here to listen to CD 2 – Tracks 2 now…]
  3. Get Motivated – Boost Self-Confidence – 2 Book Package for $40 with complimentary Postage & Handling
  4. Please Keep Me Informed Shelley! Enter your details below so Shelley can keep you informed on “The Feminine Code of Achievement” articles, programs and workshops coming soon to the East Coast of Australia
  5. Book in your Mindset Makeover Session 
  • Enter your details below to secure a 30 minute timeslot for a Mindset Makeover session with me. During this session you may pick Shelley’s brains. Receive instant feedback on what you can do to start to address these challenges, overcome the setbacks and formulate options to transform your performance, productivity and profitability in your business.


I look forward to talking to you during our Mindset Makeover Session and helping you achieve your goals, that will Champion you and your business.

6 simple steps….get started now.

I look forward to talking to you during our Mindset Makeover Session to boost your self-confidence that will Champion you and your career.

Contact me directly at champion@championmindset.com.au or call me on 0414 594 245.

Cheers to Belief in YOU!

Shelley Taylor-Smith
Shelley Taylor-Smith
Shelley Taylor-Smith
Founder and Director, Champion Mindset®