Stroke Correction Wednesday

Attention: All Triathletes, Ironman and Rotto Channel members welcome!!!!
Limited to a small group of 15 participants, the squads are geared toward all levels with Head Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith.

These sessions are held every Wednesday morning at Scotch College, Swanbourne for 5:30am start 7:00am finish.

Each program session is designed around a specific technical theme for your improvement, covering the foundational elements of sound swimming principles for triathletes and adult swimmers. This is not a workout program, although the swimming principles acquired from this program are then applied during an OWS clinic or your training program.

In each program session the following four key points are guaranteed to be covered: 1) Massive education; 2) Technical implementation and execution; 3) Drills; 4) Review

Achieving your optimal swim improvement is a patient exercise requiring your dedication and diligence, but you should also demand process-driven instruction with expert coaching. This squad has both process and professional coaching, while designed to broaden your swim filter through its educational component. Why is it necessary to widen your swim filter? So you are equipped to assess what swim articles to read or discard, and which coaching or coaches to select.

This program will be one of the most important, instructional, comprehensive, and enlightened courses any swimmer or triathlete can schedule.

*Must be able to swim 200 metres freestyle without stopping.

Equipment Requirements: Smile, Open Mind, Swimsuit, Fins (not scuba or short ones), Pull Buoy, Swim Cap, Goggles, Sunscreen and Water Bottle. If you are lean you may wish to wear a Rashie. NB: need to buy equipment? Go to Swimmer’s World, Cambridge Street, Wembley. Tell them Shelley sent you. Ask for the “Head Coach Shelley Special”.

DATES:  Wednesday mornings ALL year round
VENUE: Scotch College outdoor 50m heated pool, Shenton Road, Swanbourne
TIMES: 75 minutes 5:30-6:45AM

NOW is the time to MASTER your Stroke Technique to ensure swimming smoother & faster!

NB: No walk-ins on the day. No one-offs unless approved by Head Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith via SMS or phone call on 0414 594 245.