Power Of Success 7 Week Online Coaching Course

A Seven week program of “Taylor-Made” workouts and Champion strategies, coached by the World Champ Shelley Taylor-Smith herself.
Power Of Success Online CoachingThis programme, in the comfort of your office or home, is to teach you how-to CHOOSE to focus your mind to really produce the results you want. You may not be able to change the world, but you can change your perception of you within it.

If you want to keep up in today’s world, whether you are an entrepreneur, parent, team leader, manager, business owner, student, athlete or individual; you need to equip yourself for the future. This programme teaches you how to grow yourself to greatness. Better than that, it teaches you how to share these same principles learned to help others too.

Benefits include:

    • Renewed self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence
    • Boundless energy to achieve your daily tasks effortlessly
    • Being yourself, comfortable in your own skin
    • 100% Self-belief in YOU!
    • Increased motivation and how to tap into it you when you need it most
    • No more self-sabotage, only Champion self-talk
    • Control of your thoughts and in the driver’s seat of your life

Investment is just $177.

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Dangerous When Wet – The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story
“Listen to raving fan, Eva Fabian, Women’s FINA World 5km OWS Champion”20% of all profits of sales of “Dangerous When Wet” goes to the Esther Foundation



This riveting story of Shelley’s rise to success is uncompromising, spirited, and straight from the heart. A must read for anyone who is struggling with motivation… the perfect read for open water swimmers of all levels. Learn how to absolutely love the solitary nature of the sport and develop the “man-against-nature” mindset which is the key essential to becoming successful in the open-water swim element of your next triathlon.Delve into Shelley’s greatest asset, “the most important 6″ of your body – the distance between your ears” and the ability to get into your own mind, swim your own race and get in control of your own life. Learn how to turn your love-hate relationship for open water around and overcome your greatest competitor – yourself!Order online and pay through our Secure Payment Gateway:Purchase:

The ebook – $15.00

The Hardcopy – $25

Both ebook and Hardcopy – $37.95

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Create Your Own Champion Mindset 7CD set, 90 page Ultimate step-by-step manual PLUS 8th Bonus Resource CD – $595
Champion Mindset cds

Just imagine the positive changes you could make to your life. Well dream no more! Let Shelley Taylor-Smith personally coach you 1on1 and help you take your life to the next level. Your 90 page Ultimate guide to being totally happy being YOU!
The 8th Bonus Resource CD contains techniques for self-belief, goal setting, visualisation, relaxation, clearing the ‘mind chatter’ noise, and rediscovering your dreams.


As Shelley coaches you through the 7CD set you will discover:

  • How to find your true Passion: Motivate yourself and persevere to the finish line with gusto long after the others have quit. More info…
  • Unleash your Self Belief: Create absolute certainty and self-belief about what you want to achieve.More info…
  • Live and Enjoy the Present Moments Now: Seize the opportunities now. More info…
  • Goal Setting for Success: Set goals, emotionally connect with them and track your progress. More info…
  • Focus: Know what matters most, eliminate distractions and achieve your highest priorities. More info…
  • Perseverance & Persist: Develop a Champion attitude with mental toughness to bounce back from rejection, failure and setbacks and prevent burnout. More info…
  • Plan Outcomes and Take Action: Preparation and Planning – the vital keys to success! Eliminate the excuses and eradicate procrastination. More info…

PLUS Bonus 8th Resource CD: Shelley guides you on goal setting techniques, exercises on visualisation, relaxation, freeing your mind from the noise and our sabotaging self-talk and how to program yourself for the future… PLUS 21 Champion Motivations personally ‘taylor-made’ just for you! The whole package is designed for you to re-evaluate and believe your future isn’t just about you accomplishing some goals… it actually provides a whole new direction in your life and that is absolutely sensationally perfect!

Now only $395

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