English Channel

Congratulations on your upcoming adventure as you prepare for the role of “The English Channel Swimmer!”

It would be my pleasure to work with you and see you achieve your Everest!

Below please find an outline of “The English Channel Coaching Program” and the various options available to you.

The program has been created to guarantee that you are fully prepared and success is achievable. Services include:

1.  12 month PREPARATION PACKAGE – price on application

The following services are exclusively with Shelley Taylor-Smith:

  1. Stroke Correction
  2. Conclusive training program
  3. Fortnightly skype calls/video meetings – Creating Your Champion English Channel Swimmer Mindset on the areas of Mental Toughness, Mindset & Motivation
  4. Create Your Champion English Channel Swimmer Body with the strategies, tools and techniques for execution
  5. Nutrition – your diet
  6. Feeding – whilst swimming
  7. Planning & Preparation
  8. English Channel Success guidelines
  9. Unlimited email support

Value Add:

  • Skype webinars with successful solo English Channel swimmers on “what it takes to swim the Channel” & “Create Your Own Champion Mindset” 7CD set including 90 page Ultimate step-by-step manual & 8th Resource CD with 22 exercises for immersing yourself fully into the role of “The English Channel Swimmer” with visualisation, relaxation, laser focus, dead brain is a good brain, in the zone, switching off and on techniques.


2.   SWIM PACKAGE: Coach/Support Handler – price on application

The following support is provided from arrival in Dover to completion of swim:

  1. Guidelines of training programs,
  2. Co-ordinate training in Dover Harbour,
  3. Coordinate the English Channel Swim with booked pilot
  4. Co-ordinate, motivate and provide handler support for swimmer
  5. Total responsibility in preparation and execution of “Your Channel Day”


3.  ONLINE COACHING PROGRAM  price on application

The online coaching program is inclusive of a 12-24 month training program ensuring you have the correct preparation and plan for your channel crossing


4. Individual Skype Coaching Calls – price on application

The individual coaching calls are either telephone or face2face video meetings for one hour duration.

During this one hour Shelley will help you with any of your queries regarding any areas as outlined in the Preparation Package.

5. SUPPORT COACH IN DOVER 2015 price on application

Need help once in Dover? BONUS as I will be in Dover from 5th July – 29th July 2015 supporting up 7 Western Australian English Channel swimmers. I am available to help you with the following:

  1. Co-ordinate training in Dover Harbour,
  2. Mindset coaching to boost your confidence, settle your nerves aiding you in those final days leading up to your swim,
  3. Assist you in your preparation for “Your Channel Day” with mind, body and nutrition including English Channel checklist and execution.

I am excited about the opportunity to help you achieve your Everest – The English Channel in 2015 and beyond!

Cheers Head Coach, Shelley Taylor-Smith

Email headcoach@openwaterswimmingmastery.com today for all your English Channel queries.