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Team STS Rotto Channel 2020 NOW OPEN for REGISTRATION!!!

Swim Well with Coach Shells!

Overcome your fears, Boost your Confidence & Achieve your Swimming goals… IS your PASSION >> Your Fitness, Your Mental Health & Well-being or competing in Triathlon, Rotto Channel, Port2Pub and/or English Channel?

Whatever your problem, Whatever your goal, NOW is the PERFECT time to GET WELL and SWIM WELL with Coach Shells!  Be it in the Sea or Pool, Coach Shells will help create your personalised SWIMFIT program.

How? To Get Well, Coach Shells says the first priority is: Let’s have a chat and define what is important to you. It could be mental health, well being, rehabilitation, fitness, competition and/or life longevity.

Next the all important plan, which is the most important foundation; learning how to swim efficiently or maybe it is overcoming your fear of the water in the pool and sea! Mastering your stroke technique guarantees you will achieve your goals… that we know are GOLD!

So lets imprint the right stroke into your mind so you start to “get it” …

Finally, practice and execute it with frequency and consistency, which is the key to improvement and further confidence!  Yep, slight adjustments in your stroke will make the biggest difference in your confidence, fitness and personal bests!

Training for Rottnest Channel or Port to Pub? How bout Fitness or for Life? Enjoy throwing the arms over cause you love swimming or you have a fitness or life goal…

We have multiple options to suit your lifestyle and availability…

*The Rotto Channel/Port2Pub Package is more economical, inclusive of all the bonuses of the Team STS Summer 2020 Rotto Channel Squad.

*The PAYG Card is more flexible, allowing you to swim the sessions you want to attend whilst opting-out of the ones you can’t.

1. Team STS SUMMER 2019/2020 Timetable & Venues:

Monday Class Coach
5.30 -7:00AM Aerobic Fitness Development [resuming 1st Sept 2019] Head Coach Shells
1on1 Stroke Video Analysis
Head Coach Shells
Monday Class Coach
6.30-8:00PM Aerobic Fitness Development [starts 1st October 2019] Coaches Shells
Wednesday Class Coach
5.30 -7:00AM
Endurance Threshold ….. [starts 1st October 2019] Head Coach Shells
Wednesday Class Coach
Endurance Threshold …… [starts 1st October 2019] Coaches Shells
Friday Class Coach
5.30 – 7:00AM
Stroke Correction Focus
Head Coach Shells
1on1 Stroke Video Analysis Head Coach Shells
Saturday Class Coach
Super Saturday Sesh
Coach Shells & Coach Claire
Sunday Class Coach
7 am Sea Swimming Session
Coach Shells & Coach Claire

2. Team STS Swimming Packages:

Training for Rotto Channel or Port to Pub 2020… click here now... OR swim with The PAYG Card then check out below…

Ten AM sessions: $175 ($17.50/session/90mins) 3 month expiry [buy now…]
* Perfect for Mon Wed & Fri AM Squads 5:30-7:00am
Ten 90 min sessions: $225 ($22.50/session/90mins)  3 month expiry [buy now…]
* Perfect for Tues & Thurs PM & Sat AM Squads
Ten 120 min sessions: $300 ($30.00/session/120mins) 4 month expiry  [buy now…]
* Perfect for Super Saturday Sesh with Shells
50 hours: $675 ($13.50/60mins) 8 month expiry [buy now…]
* Perfect for Rotto Channel swimmers – swim any session you want to attend
Rotto Channel/Port2Pub Package: 100+hours
[detailed schedule   here…]
*5 to 6 month program. Starts Tues 2nd October 2018 thru Thurs 15 March 2019
NEW 100 hours: $1,100 ($11.00/60mins) 10 month expiry [buy now…]
*Ideal for Hard Core, Year Round or FIFO swimmers
Casual one off: $25.00 ($25.00/session/90mins) available all year
[buy now…]

3. Team STS Fees:

* All session fees correct for 2019/2020 as of 1st July 2019.
* All Team STS Swim squads are held at Newman’s College, Empire Avenue, Churchlands.
* Sea Swimming with Team STS resumes in October.

*Further queries, please call or email Head Coach Shelley on 0414 594 245 or

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