The Power Of Success – Day 7

Day 7 – The Power of Choice & Action

Welcome to Day 7 of “The Power of Success” Online Coaching Program.

Well here we are now, 7 days later and taking action with the choices you have made whilst creating YOUR power of success.

Lets re-cap on what we have learned so far:

1. You seized your opportunities now, ridding yourself (“stuff it and flush it”) of past beliefs and habits

2. You are engaging your mind and body

3. You discovered your brilliance

4. You are persevering to the finish line

5. You are absolutely certain of your Champion self

6. You have set goals and emotionally connected with them


To live the life you love you require 3 things:

  • Your Dream – a clear & committed vision
  • Your Motivation – your drive to do whatever it takes
  • Your Goals – the stepping stones on your journey to the final destination


You have made the plan, now is the time to take immediate action to support it.

As you plan it, then live it. Along the way you may be tossed from one possible course of action to another and how you act determines how quickly you get there. We must make sure that when problems come up we focus on solutions. In the process, you will learn how you create your success or distractive strategy.

Now let’s launch your Automatic Champion Success Machine to learn – The Power of CHOICE & ACTION – How to get rid of the excuses that are the biggest cop-out, that block your success, and convert procrastination into action.


Happiness is not a result – it’s a state of mind and body.


Right now review your purpose, values and your Champion dream from yesterday.

Let’s activate your Champion Success Machine into action…

Imagine you already have all the good feelings you know that achieving your goals will bring you. All the happiness, all the confidence and all the gold medal WOO HOO moments when you feel totally successful and totally complete there inside you…

Now imagine yourself going through your day just as you have been imagining in your movie theatre of your mind.


1. How do you treat people?

2. How do people treat you?

3. What are you especially content and proud of about today?

4. What do you passionately enjoy doing exceptionally well?

5. What value have you contributed today?

6. Who else could you inspire in your work and career?

7. Who could motivate in your life?

Finally imagine yourself sitting there in your gold medal moment, on your dais, celebrating as you drift off to sleep at night, knowing you have achieved easily and successfully with your Champion Dream-setting Success Machine.

By remembering the last step… so you start to live your dream every day and you will program yourself for your Power of Success. The more we repeat our new habits and behaviours, the more we create the Champion.


“Confidence is preparation in action.” Ron Howard


How to get rid of the EXCUSES

Time is the only true human leveller. TIME is one thing we all have in common – exactly the same amount of time in each day, week, month, year.

“A Champion Mind Champions Time.”

The difference between those of us who always seem to have time for everything – never flustered, getting things done when they need to be; and those of us who dash around like stressed-out headless chickens is in managing the time we have – making good use of it, organising it and actually getting things done. It’s like spinning a series of plates – it takes years of practise and determination to do it right! Otherwise we feel like we need to be an octopus to catch all the plates, but we’ve only got 2 arms – it can cause us huge amounts of stress!


So how do we get things done with less stress?

We all feel rushed at times and that there’s no time to do things. It’s OK to feel this way – but only for a moment… then stop, breathe, and think how much easier and wonderful

things could be if you simply started taking control of our time….?

We need to be smart about using time – by looking at it with a different mindset, one that repeats “I am in total control of everything I do with my time today.”

We need to Manage our Mind to Manage our Time.

Download Taylor Made Tips of Champion Mindset Time Managers

You are 100% focused on achieving what you need to do to get what you want, and you

have all the time you need to do it. Believing this is the key. Wasting time is a waste of time.

The trap is procrastination – ‘I’ll start tomorrow…’ – make tomorrow NOW!

Yes, we’ve all put things off that we ought to do now! Why is it so easy to do?


Mind Time Management is about focusing through what you’d rather not do, knowing that it gets you towards what you want, choosing to do it anyway – bite the bullet and do it now. What’s your reaction to being told ‘you have to…’ do something?

If we look past the task we can:

  • know WHY we ‘must’ do it
  • the reasons why it is important
  • why it gets us to where we want
  • why it supports what we are doing long term
  • we can get it done.


Then it’s done, there’s no need to waste time worrying about it, you can focus on the next thing! Putting things off is simply an excuse for ourselves to not get the job we ‘must’ do done.


“The secret of being happy is not doing what one likes,

but liking what one does.” J.M. Barrie


Procrastinating is simply an excuse for NOT getting something done because we don’t really want to! For whatever reason that may be – whether laziness or fear, nervousness or dislike – we focus on the NOT wanting to.

Procrastinating about it let’s us off the hook because we can tell ourselves “its ok, I’ll do it another time, it’ll be better that way…”

It’s a habit we have learnt, it’s also a habit that can cause great stress AND it’s a negative habit because eventually we feel we’ve let ourselves down, we fell we have ‘failed’

Or we grin that we ‘got away with it today!’ so it becomes an on-going excuse not to do that one thing. We are very clever and will waste time doing this over and over to avoidachieving!

As I’ve said, usually it is something we don’t want to do/ don’t like doing/ feel we can do without, but often its urgent things like a doctors check up, resolving an argument or an urgent phone call.


Procrastination wastes the time that you could have spent doing the task


that you’ve been procrastinating about…

Procrastinating is a trap – ‘I’ll start tomorrow…’ – we have to make tomorrow NOW!

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Winston Churchill

Simply CHOOSE to take action and do it NOW. Taking ACTION requires you to :

1. Accept responsibility

2. Get in touch with your passion daily

3. Value what you are truly worth

4. Regularly practice your favourite Champion workouts that work for you

5. Celebrate your Champion self and Champion world today

6. Keep going

7. and remember….if you don’t quit, you will make it!

Make the changes you need to make, both at the level of your consciousness and in action so you become Unconsciously Competent. After you have begun to enjoy more of the success that you desire, you will look back and be thankful that you did!


Finally, Celebrating Success

Why is it necessary to celebrate success?

I’ve spoken about this before and still have many people ask me this question and I always have to say – Yes it is absolutely vital because the amazing feeling of achievement reinforces that you are the Champion in that very moment and you have succeeded finishing what you began.

This reinforces that if I am a Success now this time and so, I can be again and again!

It sets us up for future successful achievements and the best part of all is that it helps us feel good about ourselves in ALL areas of our lives.

Once again – we are always our harshest critic and usually the last person to praise ourselves, so it is vital to allow yourself the privilege to celebrate EVERY success no matter how small they seem.

It’s also important to take time to celebrate small successes of those around you – take time to listen to others’ achievements and celebrate them. Be fearless in the way you choose to celebrate success – I’ve been known to dance around my kitchen table, high five my reflection in the mirror and WOO HOO in my office on many occasions!

It becomes infectious and it will drive you and motivate you to want to be successful yourself and feel the feelings of success over and over!!!!!


Love being the natural born Champion you are!

Ask yourself: “What can I do now?”


Final pep talk from Coach Shelley:

In order to reinforce your on-going success, I suggest you become more familiar with the techniques that you have been practicing. By making time in your Champion Mindset gym to program your mind with positive suggestions, your energy and motivation are now increasing and you will become more controlled, more in control, more powerful, and content with the Champion that you see daily in the mirror. And your Champion world continues to get even better……

So commit now, take action with the steps suggested to you today.

Enough pep talk from me….time to practice in your Champion Mindset gym. Have a great workout!

And guess what? To celebrate, I’ll see you tomorrow for a bonus! Something to keep you wanting to choose to take action WOO HOO!