The Power Of Success – Day 5

Day 5 – The Power of Inspiration

Welcome to Day 5 of “The Power of Success” Online Coaching Program.

So how are you feeling Champ following last week’s persistence and paying attention to how you talked to yourself when things get tough?

  • How was your self-talk?
  • How did you react or act?
  • How is your inner constructive critic?

So now lets maintain the momentum and keep going…with The Power of Inspiration

How to have absolute certainty and self -belief about who you are and what you want to achieve with a clear & committed vision.


Human beings always act and feel and perform in accordance with what they imagine to be true about themselves and their environment.


Finding Your Champion Self

Somehow… before you can consciously change… you must “see” yourself in a new role. You must change his or her self-image. The aim of finding your Champion Self is not to create a fictitious, make believe self that is ALL powerful, arrogant, egotistic, all important. Such an image is as inappropriate and unrealistic as the inferior image that we have been ‘stuffing and flushing’ for the past 4 weeks.

Our goal this week is to find the Champion self within, the ONE who knows it is its birthright to be the Champion and let it stand up and be aware without a care. Yes, it is common knowledge that we underrate ourselves, short-change ourselves, sell ourselves short.

How can we discover the truth about ourselves?

How can we release ourselves from our own inner, mental, often unconscious self-sabotage to become the Champion of our own world and succeed as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy?

Your self image is the key to unlocking the Champion within. It is the way we see ourselves in our imagination. Many people don’t realise they have an image of themselves until they have look.

Think of people you have met or know who are attractive, but who think of themselves as ugly or not attractive – too fat when you think they are lean or skinny, too… too… too… Yet you think this of your ‘self’ and truly believe this, so this is what you create and the prophecy is fulfilled.

Studies have shown that an extraordinary number of people who win the lottery, lotto, or inherit large sums of money are likely to lose it. People who believe they are not worthy of a certain income have been found to lose it. It is more than they believe they are worth.

You make mistakes – Mistakes Do Not Make “YOU”

You are NOT your mistakes!


The people around us are responding to what we continually send out, as messages about ourselves – with our body language, voice and our emotions that we transmit. Think of people you know who say one thing, but act differently with complete conflict of the message they were trying to convey.

No matter how much you want to achieve outside of you, what you think of yourself inside is what you satisfy and ultimately create.

You may know some people who say; “If only I could be rich enough, famous enough, earned more money, had a better home, a better car, then I would feel better about myself.”

Some of you are saying; “Well that would help!”… Yes it would help… but only for a short period of time. Because that short lived feeling would subside, and you are left feeling empty and unworthy still…


You are constantly letting other people know

how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.


Over 90% of what we communicate is unconscious. The people around us are responding to what we continually send out as messages about ourselves, with our body language, voice and the emotions we transmit. Ag\in – think of people you know who say one thing, but act differently in conflict of the message they were trying to convey.

If we continue to put all our energy into maintaining this illusion of what we are ‘trying’ to project to others and hiding from the feared self within – how can we expect the Champion self to want to stand up. It can hardly be heard let alone have the strength to WOO HOO!

The fundamental message is this: Every human being is engineered for success! Every human being has access to the Champion power greater than himself or herself.

This means YOU.

If we are engineered for success and happiness, then any old picture (self image) of our self as unworthy of happiness or unable to excel in any area of life, of a person who was ‘meant to fail’ – must be in error!


To build your Champion Self this week, we will practice tools and techniques to build an adequate self image that WANTS to get up daily and WOO HOO at the world.

Read through the techniques, then print them off and keep them with you to refer to dialy to familiarise yourself. Aim to practice them all to a total of at least 30mins each day.

As you practice daily, 3 things will become strikingly apparent:

1. You will start to see yourself differently as you look within yourself in the mirror.

2. The Champion is really good looking and attractive, who speaks with certainty.

3. Your Champion Self will trust the gut instinct and make decisions based on it’s own intuition.


Exercise No.1: Imagine sitting in a movie theatre and you are watching yourself on the large movie screen, you are watching a picture of yourself. Make the pictures as vivid and detailed as possible. You are making a practice experience of how you want to see the Successful Champion “I am imagining myself now acting this way”


1. Write out a brief outline or description of the mental movie you intend to construct, experiment, develop and view in the movie theatre in your mind.

2. Sit quietly for 5mins and increase 5mins each day and begin playing the movie. You can rewind, edit and replay your movie.

3. Learn to trust your Champion self to do it’s magical work. Let it work rather than make it work.

4. Edit or ‘massage’ the movie so you are the Champion performer as you desire and achieve the gold medal performance and results you desire. Feel as it feels when you are the Successful Champion. Notice how you are talking, standing, breathing, handling the ‘jellyfish’ successfully and going for Gold!

5. Imagine, for one minute at the conclusion of the movie, how life will be different as you live this life more and more now and in the future.

**** Strive to arrive at that gold medal performance in seven (7) days.

**** For the following 3 weeks play and enjoy the movie repeatedly without change.


Exercise No.2: Look for examples in your experiences and in the experiences of your friends, that demonstrate the Successful Champion in action.

Note any limiting decisions or beliefs that no longer serve your Champion Self that may be held firmly in your self image, that may be the “cause” of “effects” you no longer desire.

Successful Champion Experiences Examples:


Limiting Decisions & Beliefs:


Exercise No.3: The Pretend Make Believe Self – Who you pretend to be and project to others.

1. How would you like to be seen and what traits do you hope people notice first?

2. What do you want others to know about you most importantly?

3. You have been trying your whole life to prove something about yourself to people, what is it?


Exercise No.4: Your Jellyfish Negative Image – negative traits that were programmed into you when you were a child. By identifying them you are letting them go!

1. What is the opposite of each of the traits of your pretend, ‘make-believe’ self?

2. Which secrets will only be discovered after you die?

3. Who is your least favourite person and why? (We most dislike in others what we fear can be found in ourselves, that is not yet resolved in ourselves!)


Exercise No.5: The Champion Self: Knowing you are who you truly are

1. Who are you when nobody is watching?

2. If you are feeling totally safe & secure, what would you do differently?

3. Who would you be if you let go of the pretend, make-believe self and the Jellyfish negative self image?


“Do the thing and you will have power”


Final pep talk from Coach Shelley:

These exercises build inspirational ‘new memories’ or stored data into your Champion Mindset and your nervous system. It builds your new Champion Self.

You have been practicing for 30 days and you may still be surprised to find yourself ‘acting differently’, automatically or spontaneously, without trying. No effort required.

Effortlessly, this is as it should be. You will find it will work just as automatically upon positive thoughts and experiences as your negative ones that we have ‘stuffed and flushed’.

As we identify with the Champion Self we are acknowledging who we really are – our powerful, unstoppable, loving, genuine self.

Enough pep talk from me…. time to practice in your Champion Mindset gym. Have a great workout!

See you tomorrow …. where we work on the muscle:The Power of GOALS & OUTCOMES – How to set goals, emotionally connect with them and track your progress.