The Power Of Success – Bonus

Maintaining the Momentum of Your Focus & Success

Welcome to your BONUS of “The Power of Success” Online Coaching Program.

I know your 7 week program has finished, so I want to leave you with some bonus thoughts to maintain your focus and success in your life, empowering you even further to create what you want.

You can create what you want, so visualise it, keep practicing, persevering and make that change.

Today you’ll find two workout exercises that I used in my training and now with all the Team STS squad members. I’m gifting them to you as an added bonus – in celebration of you coming this far.

It’s now over to you to maintain your momentum – 1. Mental Rehearsal & 2. The 30 Day Taylor-Made Workout for Change. ENJOY!


Now is the time to rehearse, mentally rehearse; so you start to live your dream every day programming yourself for Success. The more we repeat our new habits and behaviours the more they become second nature… and rituals!

1. Stop right now and imagine yourself much older, sitting in your rocking chair, looking back on your life, first as if you had not achieved your goal, then imagining yourself having achieved it and now commit to taking that action toward each goal today.

2. Imagine what your life will look like living this dream. What will you see? What will you hear? What you feel? What are you saying to yourself? What are people saying to you? Now as you rehearse this, focus on the picture, focus on the sounds, focus on the feelings and create the most real feeling as if you are living that dream right now.

3. Now putting together all you have learned and the Champion habits you have acquired about knowing what you want and what your Champion dream is, let’s create your ideal week. How does my week begin, the people who I associate with, the people who support me? What do I do, what do I accomplish? Where do I go? What are the small significant stepping stones letting me know I am succeeding?

4. Continue to go through your ideal week until it feels like you know it is YOU!

5. Practice this mental rehearsal daily for at least 15-30mins.

6. Complete the weekly achievement schedule that will keep you on track.

Ask yourself: “How do I maintain the momentum?”

7 Taylor-Made Steps to CHAMPION your goals: How are you scoring?

C Champion confident self talk _____ /100%

H Hard work ethic builds strong foundation _____ /100%

A Attitude of gratitude is everything _____ /100%

M Mental visualisation; the key to dreams becoming reality _____ /100%

P Passion – your motivation, what drives you _____ /100%

I Involves Taking Action – planned/Disciplined – daily, weekly ____ /100%

O Overcoming obstacles & Eliminating the success blockers _____ /100%

N Need to breakdown goal into small bite size chunks _____ /100%

30 Day Taylor-Made Workout for Change

Things don’t change, we do……

and to change we need to develop that positive thinking muscle in your mind.

If you find yourself dwelling on the negative too long you must start over the 30 day workout from day one.

1. Commit 100% for the next 30 days to refuse to hang onto any lousy negative self talk, feelings and questions.

2. If you have lousy negative self talk, feelings or questions say “stuff it and flush it” and let it go.

3. When you catch yourself out – congratulate yourself this is an achievement in and of itself – as opposed to beating yourself up – and ask yourself the question: What could I choose to focus on instead? Choose to turn and focus on that now!

4. When you wake up in the morning ask yourself the Champion Attitude question: What am I grateful for in my life right now?

5. Focus the next 30 days on “Possibility Thinking”. When faced with a problem ask yourself the question: What would I prefer instead as you focus on moving forward?

Once you stick with it, it will open up a new world of thinking that is truly amazing.

The benefits include:

  • You are aware of the success blockers that have tripped you up in the past
  • You say hello to the Champion rituals and good riddance to the bad habits
  • You develop the “possibility thinking” muscle in your brain
  • Your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence will grow, turning your life around
  • You will enjoy your journey more and more every day!

With the knowledge and skills you have right now YOU are already a success – so keep at it!

Dare to dream, go on, I dare you!