English Channel, Rottnest or Manhattan Island… What is your Everest?

I am writing to you from Varne Ridge on the white cliffs of Dover, overlooking the English Channel with a clear "Sunny" view all the way to the French coast. The memories flooded back arriving into Dover Priory yesterday. Twenty one years to the day when I achieved my Everest; swimming the English Channel solo crossing (27/8/1990) in 9hrs 27mins, becoming the first Western Australian to achieve this feat. It is a formidable sight as I stand in awe of her. The English Channel that … [Read more...]

www.OpenWaterSwimmingMastery.com … The Birth of

  Welcome to the birth of of a new product & website....OpenWaterSwimmingMastery.com! As  I gave the green light for approval for the launch announcement e-news I had the giddy nerves and excitement of my first marathon swim. And then I remembered my first state team, my first Australian team, my first American Record, my first World Race Record, my first World title..... ...and once again I acknowledged that I had a winning formula and stuck to it. If it ain't broken it … [Read more...]