English Channel, Rottnest or Manhattan Island… What is your Everest?

I am writing to you from Varne Ridge on the white cliffs of Dover, overlooking the English Channel with a clear "Sunny" view all the way to the French coast. The memories flooded back arriving into Dover Priory yesterday. Twenty one years to the day when I achieved my Everest; swimming the English Channel solo crossing (27/8/1990) in 9hrs 27mins, becoming the first Western Australian to achieve this feat. It is a formidable sight as I stand in awe of her. The English Channel that … [Read more...]

The two P’s to Achieve Your OWS Goal and The Elusive English Channel!

  News Flash!!!!!!!! ....has just been delivered that Ceinwen Williams, the 3rd of the West Australian ChannelDare.com team has successfully achieved her solo English Channel goal. And this is no easy feat! Quick fact: Did you know, more people have climbed Everest than swum the English Channel? It's that tough! Water temperatures of 16 degrees Celcius may sound tough enough to endure for 13hrs... but that is just the beginning ... and for most who attempt the … [Read more...]

It is never too late to start Winning at Swimming!

  At the 2011 Australian Masters Swimming Nationals in March in Perth, Western Australia my gal pal, Julie Bradley, competed in her first competition... after only getting proper swimming lessons two years ago. I remember helping Julie at the pool a couple of years back... as girlfriends do. And I am so proud that Julie remembers the no.1 key to swimming efficiently: "“It is really important to get it right at the start because when I mastered the breathing techniques, I was … [Read more...]

www.OpenWaterSwimmingMastery.com … The Birth of

  Welcome to the birth of of a new product & website....OpenWaterSwimmingMastery.com! As  I gave the green light for approval for the launch announcement e-news I had the giddy nerves and excitement of my first marathon swim. And then I remembered my first state team, my first Australian team, my first American Record, my first World Race Record, my first World title..... ...and once again I acknowledged that I had a winning formula and stuck to it. If it ain't broken it … [Read more...]