Musculo Skeletal Testing


For those concerned about muscular aches and pains this season, we have secured the services of Prue Stokes & Matt Affleck from South Cottesloe Physiotherapy; who will come and do 15 minute musculo-skeletal screening testing on Saturday 15th October 7:00-9:00am at Claremont Pool.

Prue & Matt will test things like your flexibility and functional strength and recommend a range of Exercises to keep you healthy this season, especially for those of you attempting the Rottnest Channel Swim as a Solo.

The date will be THIS Saturday 15th October starting at 7:00am.

I will publish a list of who’s who and who’s when once all the spaces have filled.

Cost is $50.00 CASH per person, payable to Prue Stokes & Matt Affleck.

PS: Prue has worked with the 2008– 2012 Australian Open Water Swimming Team (World Championships and Olympic Games) as their physiotherapist.  Also Prue’s intuition lead to saving my life and my swimming with my neck… from having my neck fused and never being able to swim.  So I not only highly recommend Prue I say book in if you have any niggling issues… that have not resolved themselves still!


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