Find your keys to success with our September Bella

Find your keys to success with our September Bella – Pensacola News Journal

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. — Reba McEntire
I saw this quote on a birthday card. The card had a picture of three very senior women kicking their heels up. I know the card was just supposed to be funny, but I thought this was one of the best quotes for success I have ever read.
A wishbone — speaks to optimism and hope. You need to have dreams and follow your passion.
A backbone — speaks to conviction of character, staying true to your purpose and steadfast in your integrity.
A funny bone — speaks to the ability to laugh at yourself and with others, having a sense of humor and the energy to make life fun.
So maybe Reba has it right. This may be the three-bone secret to success.
The women in Pensacola must know the secret, because as a community, we have been blessed with many talented women who have not only achieved their own success but are very generous to help others along the way, page 36.
But why should success remain a secret? In this month’s Bella, we look at the area’s top employers and find women at the top to share the lessons they have learned along the way, page 45. This is not just success for a moment, but success that endures, and Bella talked to local women whose businesses are celebrating milestone anniversaries, page 76.
If you are looking for a new career, there are women who can help you choose the right path, page 32, and mentor you along the way, page 36.
As you build your portfolio and your business, connections count, and Bella has some “tweet” advice for using social media to your strategic advantage, page 78.
What would a Bella “Power issue” be without dress-for-success advice? Learn what color says about you and which color represents your personality from our workplace photo fashion shoot on page 50.
Courtney Morris gives great tips for creating your own style and feeling confident in your wardrobe favorites, page 56.
How many times have I defended the fact that I am in great shape – because I think pear is a shape? Bella offers flattering fashion advice for various body types, page 60.
And sometimes you need to de-stress for success, and we have nine great ways to relax and unwind, page 42.
Don’t miss: Inspiring is an understatement. Our columnists are amazing, helpful and funny and write the type of stories that make you cheer and shed a tear. If you can’t wait to read all the way to the back of Bella, then skip to the end, and read your way forward. They are too good to miss!
We hope this issue of Bella will help you strengthen your wishbone, your backbone and your funny bone on your own journey of success.
Thanks for reading. You are our success.

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