Open Water Swimming – 80/20 Rule Rules

"To be successful in swimming, body strength is about 20 percent while mental strength is about 80 percent," Geoff Huegill said. Now that takes a Champion Mindset! Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist 4 x200m freestyle relay; Bill Kirby agreed saying that what swimmers learn can be applied to the business world in real life. "You cannot learn this from the classroom. You learn about teamwork, leadership and other things they do not teach in university," he said. "What you learn in sports … [Read more...]

Your First Wealth Is Your Health

Woke to the news today of James Gandolfini's death of a heart attack aged 51yrs... Same age as me ...yikes! I'm grateful for my health. I'm grateful for my heart. And all the years of "Bubble Bubble Breathe" up and down that black line that has held me in good stead. Your First Wealth Is Your Health! As you know I love to motivate and inspire people to become their own Champions and help them to achieve goals they never believed were possible. There is one critical … [Read more...]

My Interpretation Of Respect

Sharing my interpretation of RESPECT - "When you share your knowledge and see the results achieved from people taking action .. That is the meaning of respect" Shelley Taylor-Smith     . … [Read more...]

Conquering Your Everest – How to Win the Mind Games Part II

Okee Dokee It is less than 48 hours until the starters gun goes off!!! Here are a few Champion Mindset Mental training techniques- simple to use and easy to implement - to help you prepare for the big day. I developed my own visualisation routine  that helped me achieve 7 years ranked World No.1 Marathon Swimming Champion & still to this day .... the only woman to achieve a World Ranked No.1 for both men & women; when in 1991 I was crowned "World No.1 Ranked Marathon Swimming … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget The Important Stuff

  Please Note: I'm writing to you from Wellington, New Zealand... where I'm assisting as support / handler for two American swimmers, Darren Miller and Craig Lenning in their Cook Strait crossing... and it has been reported the swim will happen sometime this week ... of course depending on Mother Nature! March 18th 2013 here. You have two and 1/2 months of 2013 under your belt. Where are you? How do you feel? Things going the way you thought, planned or dare I say.... … [Read more...]

Half Million For CanTeen And Can Assist Fundraising Event

It takes pain and experience to sometimes give you a gentle push into a direction that will shape your perspective and principle sin life. This is what happened to Chloe McCardel. Raising Funds For Cancer Patients Since 1950, over 20 swimmers have tried and none have succeeded where Chloë McCardel plans to go in 2013. Not only is McCardel going to swim 170 km from Cuba to Florida this coming June without a shark cage or the benefit of protective swim gear, but she is also hoping to raise … [Read more...]

Not even one Red Bull… No Bull!

This time last week I was gearing up for my role as “supporter” for Crazy WEST Aussie Aaron Richardson, in his MIDNIGHT 20km “Breast In The West Rotto to Cott” marathon swim. You’re probably asking yourself; “How did you stay awake Shelley?” Or... How many Red Bulls did you consume? Have you noticed when you feel fatigued and a friend comes over and asked you to come along to an activity that is your favourite thing to do? And..You seem to get a new release of energy and … [Read more...]

Staying on course and current

This coming weekend is the inaugural half ironman in Mandurah, Western Australia. The event in Mandurah is set in a gorgeous area in my home state which will quickly become a favourite. The race begins with an open water swim in the Mandurah canals that I swam in in my childhood. There is no better way to enjoy Mandurah than swim/race in it. While its depth s rarely exceed 3 metres and its surface is usually as calm as a lap pool, its placidity may lure unprepared triathletes, like many … [Read more...]

Mother of All Comebacks!

Today I got asked how's my swimming going and what it feels like to back in training. It is just fun to be back in the pool and training with my buddies that I grew up with and shared in Western Australian State teams in the '70s!  It makes me feel young. Swimming is a sport you can do at all ages. It never has left me or my soul. I know, for me, it’s part of who I am, being in the water... and when I'm away from it too long... it's like the air has been taken out of my lungs! Swimming makes … [Read more...]