2014 Swim Season with Coach Shelley Taylor-Smith

Guess What From Head Coach Shelley?Your Open Water Success IS HERE!!!

As Head Coach, it is my goal is to ensure you have an enjoyable open water swimming experience. Whether you are a novice or professional competitor; an open water newbie, marathon or Rottnest Channel Solo, duo or relay swimmer; masters athlete or triathlete; we want you to achieve your potential and perform like a Champion.

So you’re looking to master your skills and want to find the best techniques to improve your performance but don’t know who to believe? Well you have come to the right place!

Here is your opportunity to get involved in truly learning the so-called “Champion Secrets”; eliminating your fear and boosting your confidence so you do not run the risk of showing up at your next Open Water Swimming event full of nerves, unprepared and wishing you stayed at home in bed.

WINTER SWIM SQUADS now operating…

Any queries email headcoach@openwaterswimmingmastery.com OR call Head Coach Shelley on 0414 594 245