That time of the season… 12 tips for increased motivation

We all have days…

Where we struggle to stay motivated, especially if you’re working on a large or long-term project. It’s even more depressing, when you really want the goal you’re aiming for… and yet you’re struggling to find the energy to actually do any work towards it!


In most of my squad swimmer’s and triathlete’s case…

When you have achieved a huge personal goal after five, nine or 12 months of massive commitment to complete either the Busso Ironman, Busso Ironman 70.3 or Rotto Channel 2014 Solo… and yet you’re struggling to get excited about getting wet…again!


Motivation is like any muscle; it needs regular exercise to maintain it, otherwise it gets saggy and tired. Use these 12 tips to help maintain your motivation levels, get you back on your bike… and increase your productivity too!

#1: Write down your goals

There is something special about seeing your goals written down. This Winter what do you want???? This helps to change that “pie in the sky” idea into an action; the thought into a desire and it helps make it factual and achievable… and you’re more motivated towards achieving it.

#2: Focus on your big why

Knowing why you actually want to do something enhances your desire… and motivation. Your why is a list of the benefits you will gain from achieving this goal.

#3: Visualise your end result

Forget the how for now… and focus on the end result you want to achieve. Becoming a better swimmer for example. What does swimming “effortlessly” feel like? What do you want it to feel like swimming “thru the water”? What does that picture look like? The sounds? What are you saying to yourself? Who are you celebrating your success with? Duo team

#4: Publicly commit

When you share your desire with the world at large, you‘re not only committing to your goal… you’re strengthening the desire to reach that end result. Need to find someone to share and trust your goal? Share below your new goal and I’m on your team cheering you all the way to the finish line!



#5: The power of music

Music can stir up emotions and get your body moving… and fill you with a renewed burst of energy. Just ask squad member Jon “Blue Eyes” Turner… who “regularly” wears his FINIS mp3 player to keep himself motivated. (Blocks out my voice! LOL) So turn up the volume and sing your way through your next swim.

#6: Create a ritual or routine

Create a routine or ritual that signifies you are ready… it’s time for your motivation, energy and positivity to appear. Set your swim kit up ready to go for your next swim session. Not so much jumping out of bed with excitement but rather “I’m prepared therefore I can do this!”

#7: Challenge yourself

Set yourself a target to learn something new or improve a skill. Breathing bilateral (that is every 3 strokes). Use a tempo trainer. Become a better kicker. Use your legs! Increase your flexibility. Swimming with a pull buoy and band. Stretch that comfort zone to challenge yourself to go further.

#8: Revisit your achievements Angie Spence Rotto solo 2014

Remind yourself of those things you’ve previously achieved and succeeded at… it’s a great way to renew your motivation and energy. Sit and reflect on your recent Rotto Channel swim, Busso or Mandurah Ironman 70.3; the massive k’s swum, the countless strokes you turned over and the amazing friendships created.

#9: Join and hang with others Lane 1 goodie

It’s amazing how hanging with people of like-mindedness motivates us out of our doldrums. The outside “fresh air” is great for blowing away the mental cobwebs. Oh I know… why not join the Winter Swim Squad with Coach Shells n Leithal!!!! NB: Winter Saturday squad is civilised 7am start. 8.30am finish.

#10. Reward yourself

Whether you’ve reached a small milestone or achieved a great leap forward – reward each and every achievement. After Saturday morning squad Sesh with Shells, join me and your fellow swim members for coffee at Lemon Café, Claremont.

Lane 4 2good

#11: Write an “Action Plan”

Sometimes, the simple act of writing an action plan of what you want to achieve and when – in your diary/calendar/iphone/(andwhateveryappyoucangetforthattoday), just seeing that and then following through and actualising it, can really give your motivation a boost – as it serves as a visual reminder of what you have already achieved – along with how that feels emotionally.

#12: Draw a line in the sand

If all else fails, draw a line in the sand. Make the decision to have a fresh start in the morning.

Lane 2 goodie

Are there certain points in the day where you feel at your most motivated? What methods have you found most effective for giving your motivation an adrenaline shot? Why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below.

In need of motivation, inspiration or a kick in the pants???? Join in the fun with Coaches Shelley Taylor-Smith and Leith McKerracher this Winter!

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