No More Excuses

Have you had a horrendous triathlon start to 2014/2015 season?

I’ve heard them all… Sound familiar? No More Excuses

Leaking goggles, sun in my eyes, fogged up goggles, cap came off, anxiety attack, got smashed at the start, swam off course, couldn’t see the turn buoys, fear of jellyfsh, stingers & seaweed, can’t bilateral breathe and the best of all – “I followed another competitor who swam off course and missed the turn!!!!”

How can you become *Superhuman* in time for Busso ½ IRONMAN!!!


THE 2015 Essential Open Water Mastery PackageNO MORE EXCUSES SPECIAL $88 (save $34.50)

Our premiere service that has helped hundreds of triathletes master the open water swim includes:

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ANNOUNCING POOL 2 OPEN WATER CLINIC – Saturday 17th January 2015 !!!! [more info… book now]

Imagine if you could achieve your OPEN WATER SWIMMING goals in 2013 and all your swimming struggles and frustrations were finally gone…

  • What would be different for you?
  • Would you enjoy training more?
  • Be excited for races more?
  • Have more energy and confidence to go for a personal best?

Open Water Swimming is the number one challenge for most swimmers and triathletes… and it doesn’t have to be for YOU.

You’re about to discover the fastest way to break through limiting beliefs, leap over  emotional barriers, push aside fears and phobias, and kick open the gears to the success most people can only dream about.

The following squads are now coached by 7-time Women’s World Marathon Swimming Champion, Shelley Taylor-Smith:

Any further enquiries email or call Head Coach Shelley directly on 0414 594 245 so you don’t miss out!

PS: Just imagine overcoming your technique AND mental barriers to faster times AND more enjoyment!


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