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Shelley Taylor-Smith Keynote Speaker7-time World Marathon Swimming Champion/2-time Australian of Year Finalist/Speaker/Trainer

Motivation, Performance and Success expert Shelley Taylor-Smith is one of the World’s most renown teachers, best-selling authors and presenters and she delivers it just as she is – honest, from the heart, down to earth, passionate and patriotic.  Her inspirational message is living with conviction in life, both personally and professionally and how to create our own Champion Mindset with focus, self belief and attitude.

Shelley Taylor-Smith is a 7-time Women’s World Marathon Swimming Champion and 2-time Australian of the Year Finalist, but more important to both Shelley and her clientele, she’s an ordinary Australian who achieved extraordinary results and now teaches how she did it and how you can to as Australia’s highly respected mental performance coach.

Today Shelley is more known for her passion and patriotism than her world titles and world race records. In celebrating the 100th celebration of International Women’s Day 2011; Shelley was announced amongst the “50 Iconic Australian Women” by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Quentin Bryce at Government House in Canberra.

The founder of Champion Mindset Consulting ( Shelley works with passionate and energetic individuals and teams to help them develop the mental skills and strategies to be the best they can be, while maintaining a healthy balance in their sporting, professional and personal lives.

Using her thirty plus years of experience as athlete, coach, writer and consultant Shelley helps individuals in the sporting world from beginner level onwards as well as business people on performance and lifestyle issues to discover the mental toughness to stay on top of your game despite the daily obstacles you face in your business and career with her everyday life motto: “Get Up, Get Over It & Get On With It.”

The 7 Taylor-Made Topics

(and successful too) in previous conferences include:

1. Create Your Own Champion Mindset

2. Success Strategies of World Champions

3. Success – It’s All in the Mind! How to out-motivate your competitors whilst you encourage them along the way.

4. Think Like a Champion – Inspire Yourself from Within – KEYNOTE AND WORKSHOP

5. THE WINNING FORMULA: How to Plan for it, Make it happen now and live the successful life that is your birthright to achieve.

6. Power through Pressure, Stress Less, Achieve Success and Live Longer in Sensational Style.

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