Good or Bad?

are you thinking about good or badDo you find yourself focusing on the good times or bad?

Here is my suggestion for you.

Have a great memory of your achievements and forget all the things you should have done or could have done better. What is one achievement from your past you can focus on?

What I call your Gold Medal Moments

1. Create a list of your personal achievements when you were standing on your dais and you were the Champion of your own world.
2. Separate the list into the following areas: strength, power, confidence, focus, energetic, calm, relaxed, in the zone and joy.
3. In each of the lists write your personal achievements when you felt those emotions that boost your energy levels, performance and productivity.

Practice the following…. when you find yourself focusing on the things you should have done or could have done better and with those thoughts come all those nasty feelings and emotions… turn and focus on what you want to feel instead and remember the times, that specific time, as if looking through your own eyes and see what you saw, feel what you felt, hear what you heard and what you may have been saying to yourself.

If you are training for your next competition whether an open water swim or triathlon; it is important to stack those gold medal moments in a special place so if you need them during training or a competition; you can access them easily.

Watch as your energy levels increase, your distractions disappear and your confidence soar!

Create A Champion Mindset and Be Totally Happy Being You!

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