Half Million For CanTeen And Can Assist Fundraising Event

It takes pain and experience to sometimes give you a gentle push into a direction that will shape your perspective and principle sin life. This is what happened to Chloe McCardel. Raising Funds For Cancer Patients Since 1950, over 20 swimmers have tried and none have succeeded where Chloë McCardel plans to go in 2013. Not only is McCardel going to swim 170 km from Cuba to Florida this coming June without a shark cage or the benefit of protective swim gear, but she is also hoping to raise … [Read more...]

A Success Mindset Tip

What you need to say to yourself every now and then. What you need to tell to people close to your heart. Share this with enthusiasm as you believe, things can happen. … [Read more...]

How To Boost Self-esteem

It would be good to have a goal but a vision of an end result is so much better. The end result is not just a destination, but it is the person you want to become once you have reached a goal. It is a step by step process and here is how to achieve it. A Step By Step Approach To Boost Self Esteem The first thing to do when one wants to boost self- confidence is to determine one’s goals and aspirations in life. This has to be specific enough and must be categorized into degree of achievement. … [Read more...]

Australian Open Water Race With $15,000 Cash Prize

January 11, Perth, Australia. An American Open Water Swimmer Alex Meyer who was a participant last summer in the Olympic marathon swim in London, is ready to race with some of the Oceania's best open water swimmers for a 10-kilometer race that has a prize of US15,000 to both male and female division winners. Swan Rive Race The January 20 race in Swan River will mark not only Meyer's first major competition since the Olympics, but the first major open water race offered internationally since … [Read more...]

Steps To Success Mindset Creation

In order to achieve success, one must visualize success and when you visualize it, the steps on how to achieve it will show up one by one, like magic. And that magic is happening now. This is a great way to get ahead for visualizing and creating a path to success.   The Creative Process Of A Success Mindset Leading well involves leading yourself first. This seems an exercise in obviousness, though the simplest concepts can often be the most powerful. Leading yourself first … [Read more...]

A Brave Swim

A Brave Cold Swim Dozens and dozens of swimmers took a brave swim on a cold Sunday morning where it was a chilly 46 degrees. They dive head first into78 degree Ohio River in the 5th Annual Great Ohio River Swim. A Swim To Make A Point Not only did they battle temperatures, they were fighting the perception that the Ohio River is dirty and not safe for recreation. Organizer Brewster Rhoads said the water quality, as tested by ORSANCO, is showed E.coli counts in single digits (less than 10). … [Read more...]

2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference In Southern California

2012 Open Water Swimming Conference This week coaches and administrators from all over the world will be arriving in Southern California to be part of the 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference to be held from Sept. 21-22 back to back with the Swim Across America event at Marine Stadium on Sept 23, Sunday. A Live Streamed Swim Across America Event The Swim Across America event will be streamed live online, but there will be plenty of additional highlights over this three-day … [Read more...]

In Memory Of Hayleigh Through Open Water Swimming

A Brave Swim To Remember Her Daughter By Kevin Dunne is a father who lost his daughter Hayleigh two years ago in a tragic road accident. Hayleigh always loved swimming, so in her memory, he came up with an idea to raise funds for a charity that had helped in the months after her death by holding an event of Open Water Swimming. Open Water Swimming In Memory Of Hayleigh Kevin Dunne, 55, will take on the 10km River Dart Open Water Swim in Devon, supported by six friends, on Saturday 22nd … [Read more...]